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Fevah Modern Jive

Everyone welcome - no experience necessary.

  • Two left feet welcome.
  • Come on your own or with a friend - no need to book.
  • Start any time

Cost and New Dancer Deal

Your entrance fee covers you for the whole night, not just for the class.

  • $15 for the whole evening (EFTPOS available).
  • $11 for full time students, Community Service card & SuperGold card holders.

6 for 3 Deal - 6 classes for the price of 3

Save 50% when you pay up front for 3 classes to get 6 credits that can be used at classes and social events.

  • Available to new dancers on their first night.
  • Credits are valid for 6 months and are not transferable.

Format of Each Night

Aim to arrive from around 7:15pm especially if you're new.

7:25pm Beginner Class
We teach moves from our Beginner Sets. This is where you get meet other beginner dancers. At 8.30pm we have a Beginner Review to consolidate what you have learned in the class and get one to one assistance from the taxi dancers.
8.15pm Social Dancing
This is a good time to practice what you have learned, get help from the taxis and catch up with friends.
8.30pm Intermediate Class
Learn some more challenging moves and techniques. At 9.00pm We have an intermediate class review with the teacher.
9.00pm Social Dancing
We turn the lights down and its time to party. Ask people for a dance - men ask women, women ask men. Finish 10pm / 10:15pm


We have classes 4 nights a week around Christchurch. Each night has its own feel so we suggest you try them out before settling down to your preferred one.

Monday at Papanui
Wide range of ages with more up beat music. 40 - 60 people.
Tuesday in Sydenham
Older music and hence an older crowd.
Wednesday (OMJ) in Avonhead
Newer music more popular with 18 - 35's. 90 - 110 people.
Thursday in Shirley
Wide range of music and ages. 90 - 110 people.


Bring a water bottle with your name on it! We hire all the venues we use and some of them have limited facilities:

  • Tuesdays: we do not have access to water but we have water for sale.
  • Thursdays: we have access to water but limited cups - so please bring a water bottle which you can refill there.
  • Monday and Wednesday have water and cups.

Our Cultures & Values

A Quick Summary:

  • We encourage participating and discourage watching - people in the class don't like being watched. We do make the odd exception so please contact the venue manager if you have a specific requirement.
  • We rotate in the group classes - it's the quickest way to learn. Private lessons are available at all levels and occasionally new dancers like to take a couple before joining the main group classes.
  • We respect the private of others - please refrain from video recording.
  • Health and safety: barefoot dancing is not permitted and heel caps are required for heels smaller than a 20c coin.
  • We will give you a full refund if you are not happy.

See Cultures & Values for more information.