Fun social dance classes

Start any week at any venue. Each night has its own feel so we suggest you try them all to see which one suits you best.

Every class night starts with a beginner class. You'll be able to use what you learn after just one class - and it doesn't matter if you forget everything between classes 🙂


  • $16 for the evening
  • $12 for Full Time students, Community Service card & SuperGold card holders
  • Pay on the night: cash, EFTPOS, credit card, Google Pay, Apple Pay available at all venues
  • Savings and bonus classes with credits and rewards

🙋🏻 New Beginners Pass

5 weeks unlimited classes

At a Class Night

Your entry covers you for the whole evening. At each class night you'll find a selection of the following. See each night for specific information.

Beginner Class

Gentle warm-up then we cover our basic hand hold and connection.

You'll learn 3 moves from our core beginners list.

Meet other beginner dancers and you'll be dancing within 40 minutes!

Beginner Review

Consolidate what you have learned and get one to one assistance from the taxi dancers.

Ask questions, get one to one help with any of the material we covered in the class.

Get to know your fellow beginners and get tips from our taxi dancers on aspects of our dance community.

Intermediate Class

Learn some more challenging moves and techniques!

We teach 2-3 moves and technique points. After the class there is a review with the teacher to ask questions and get one to one assistance.

Dancers need to complete a Skills Check with a teacher before moving up to intermediate to ensure dancers don't injure themselves or someone else.

Check each class night for more information.

Variations Class

Some night have a variations class instead of an intermediate class. Anyone who has attended more than 10 classes may attend without the need for a skills check.

We teach variations of beginner and easier intermediate moves often including aspects of styling and musicality.

Check each class night for more information.

Social Dancing

Social dancing or freestyle is when we turns the lights down and enjoy continuous music until the end of the night.

This is a great time to meet other dancers, practise moves and dance skills to wide variety of music to suit all tastes.