New Price Structure from 1 June 2018

Fri 22 Jun: Venue Change to Papanui High School

We have classes 5 nights a week around Christchurch.

  • Two left feet welcome.
  • Come on your own or with a friend - no need to book.

Each night has its own feel so we suggest you try them out before settling down to your preferred one.

  • Mon: wide range of ages with more up beat music
  • Tue: older music and hence an older crowd
  • Wed: newer music more popular with 18 - 35's
  • Thu: wide range of music and ages
  • Fri: wide range of music and ages

Format of Each Night

7:25pm Beginner Class

  • This is where you get meet other beginner dancers.
  • We teach moves from our Beginner Sets

8.15pm Social Dancing

  • This is a good time to practice what you have learned.
  • Get help from the taxis.
  • Catch up with friends.

8.30pm Beginner Review

  • For beginners and improvers.
  • Consolidate what you have learned in the class.
  • Get one to one assistance from the taxi dancers.

8.30pm Intermediate Class

  • Learn some more challenging moves and techniques.

9.00pm Intermediate Review

  • Go over the intermediate class with the teacher.

9.00pm Social Dancing

  • We turn the lights down and its time to party!
  • Ask people for a dance - men ask women, women ask men.
  • Get lots of exercise without realising it!
  • Finish 10pm / 10:15pm

Outside Class

After class people sometimes go to a local bar or cafe:

  • Monday: we usually head to McCafe in Merivale.
  • Tuesday: we often head to McDonalds on Brougham St.
  • Wednesday: we usually go to McDonalds in Riccarton.
  • Friday: a crowd of us go for some live music (when available) at Trevino's on Riccarton Road (Hagley Park end).