Fun social dance classes

Papanui Dance Classes - Mondays

Papanui High School, 30 Langdons Road

Join us for a wide range of music from 80's through to current chart hits, Monday has a great upbeat feel to kick off the week appealing to a wide range of ages. There is water at the venue but no cups so please bring a named water bottle with you.

7:00pm New dancers
7:10pm Beginner Class
8:00pm Social dancing
8:15pm Variations Class / Beginners Review
8:45pm Social Dancing
9:45pm Finish

Beginner Class

We start with the basics followed by three moves which you can use in your social dancing. You do not need a partner as we rotate regularly in the class, however you can also stay with a partner if that is your preference.

Included in the evening is a 30 minute review session to ask questions and get one to one assistance.

Variations Class

This class is aimed at anyone who has attended more than 10 classes and is ideal for developing either lead or follow roles. We teach variations of beginner and easier intermediate moves often including aspects of styling and musicality. There is a short review after the class to ask questions and get one to one assistance.

Social Dancing

Social dancing or freestyle is when we turns the lights down and enjoy continuous music until the end of the night.

This is a great time to meet other dancers, practise moves and dance skills to wide variety of music to suit all tastes.

  • $16 for the evening
  • $12 for Full Time students, Community Service card & SuperGold card holders
  • Savings and bonus classes with credits and rewards
  • New Beginners Pass - 5 weeks unlimited classes
Venue Map & Information

Papanui High School, 30 Langdons Road, Papanui, Christchurch

There are over 50 parking spaces in the school car park and over 100 spaces opposite the school.

Venue Image
Enter via Langdons Road. Entrance to the hall is shown by the arrow.
Venue Image
An example of a Monday class

A couple of times a year, usually in June the venue is unavailable due to school productions. Keep an eye out in the newsletter, website and social media for details.

Do I need a partner?
You don't need a partner but if you have one then great so come on your own or with a friend
We rotate partners during the class which allows people to progress much faster than they would if they stayed with the same partner where people end up compensating for each others mistakes
While rotating is the most effective way to learn there are reasons why a couple may wish to stay together, let our taxi dancers know if you would like to stay with your partner during the class
When can I start?
Start anytime and on any day of the week that we run classes. We don't run terms or courses, any week is a good week to start. We get new people starting each week
No need to book or phone ahead - just turn up
Check our home page before you come - occasional venue changes occur when a school needs the use of their hall
What do I wear to class?
Whatever you feel comfortable in: street, office, smart, casual - it's all good. You will get warm so wear something cool or have a layer you can take off
Wear comfortable shoes, preferably with a leather sole. Flat soled shoes are better than gym shoes, definitely no stilettos and no bare feet!
What if I struggle?
We have dedicated helpers called taxi dancers who are here for the new dancers
There are no mistakes - only variations. Smile when it goes right 🙂 - laugh when it goes wrong! 😄
What is the Review?
The beginner review is a chance to consolidate what you’ve learned from class and meet other beginner dancers
It’s a great opportunity to ask questions and get one to one assistance from our experienced taxi dancers
We often split the review into two groups:
  • Beginners - recently started
  • Improvers - looking to move up to the next level
How many people attend each night?
Anywhere between 40 and 120 depending on the night and time of year, so there's quite a buzz to the classes
What age of people go along?
We have dancers in their teens through to their seventies
Everyone's very friendly, check out each class night for specific information
Anything else?
Keep hydrated by bringing a water bottle with your name on it
All venues have access to water