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Grow Your Dancing

The three main ways people grow their dancing are:

  • Classes
  • Workshops
  • Private Lessons

We run group classes Monday - Thursday across Christchurch.

The beginner classes all use the same sets but the intermediate classes are different each night. We also run an Intro-mediate class on Mondays


Workshops are a great way to improve your dancing in a short space of time and help you master the basics as well as challenge you with more advanced material.

Have you attended our 4 Foundation Workshops?

Private Lessons

Private lessons are the most efficient way to improve your dancing in as short a time as possible. Most of our teachers are available for private tuition either before our group classes or at a time convenient for you.

Reasons why people book private lessons include:

  • Improve technique and styling
  • Learn new moves
  • Fast track to intermediate level
  • Improve timing and musicality
  • Competition preparation
  • Boost confidence
How to book