Fun social dance classes

Modern Jive is a social partner dance where the emphasis is on being able to dance with a different people rather than with a fixed partner. The moves taught in intermediate classes are designed to be freestyleable so you can dance with anyone anywhere.

Once you are confident dancing all the beginner moves then you may be interested in moving up to intermediate level where we present more challenging moves to spice up your repertoire.

To avoid injury to you or your partner, you need to have a Skills Check before attending an intermediate class. Talk to our taxi dancers to learn more about the skills check.


Workshops are a great way to improve your dancing in a short space of time and help you master the basics as well as challenge you with more advanced material.

We also have more specialised content such as musicality, dips & drops and even aerials.

Workshops are pre-booked with payment made at the time of booking.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are the most efficient way to improve your dancing in as short a time as possible. Most of our teachers are available for private tuition either before our group classes or at a time convenient for you.

Reasons why people book private lessons include:

  • Improve technique and styling
  • Competition preparation
  • Learn complex moves
  • Boost confidence

To book, contact a teacher at class:

Explain what you would like to cover and hope to achieve from the lesson. The cost can depend on the content of the lesson but is often in the range of $40 - $50 for 30 minutes or $70 - $80 for an hour. Ask your teacher at the time of booking.