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Privacy and Security Online

At Fevah we take privacy very seriously. A multitude of organisations collect personal data and breaches of security, phishing and identity theft are real issues that need to be guarded against.

Privacy Policy

We will only use your details to keep you up to date with our activities and internal statistical measures. We will not sell or distribute your details to any other party. You can unsubscribe from our emails at any time or close your account.

We will not give out your personal details to other people or organisations unless legally required to do so e.g. contact tracing. Similarly, please do not ask us for another dancer's details because we will not give them to you. If you need someone's details then please ask them in person. We also do not pass messages between dancers.


Cookies are small files associated with websites and are stored on a computer by a web browser. We use cookies to improve your online experience. Our cookies are encrypted and protected against tampering.

We use Openstreetmaps for our maps as they're less nosey than Google. We don't allow signing in using your Facebook / Google / Apple accounts.


What do we do?

We don't use any third party plugins - some of the biggest data breaches on the internet have been due to third party software used to handle private data (see British Airways data breach)

What can you do?

How you can help improve the security of your information in our system:

Choose a username that is easy for you to remember: e.g. "hansolofevah".
It's case insensitive so you don't have to worry about using capitals.
You can use your email address but a dedicated username is more secure and more flexible as you can update your email address if need be.
Password / Passphrase
Enter your current password to make any changes.
Your password can be up to 60 characters long and can have upper / lower case letters, numbers, spaces and symbols such as ~!@#$%^&*-_+.
A long passphrase is good as you can come up with something that is long and easy to remember e.g. "askmeDANCE beachUNDER bluemoon".
It's good practice to use a different password for each online account that you have.
How We Use Your Information

Personal Information

It's important to know how and why organisations collect your personal data - here's how we use yours:

First Name, Last Name
To tell people apart, to communicate with you and to manage your account.
Dance Role (Lead/Follow)
To identify an initial role for workshops and competitions and to identify role balance / imbalance at classes.
Dance Studio
Most dancers will be with us but visitors who use our services will come from another dance studio.
Date of Birth
To help uniquely identify people.
To help us get an idea of the range of ages of people attending each night and how to improve the services we provide.
To help give you an optional bonus on your birthday.
We recognise that gender is not tied to your dance role and is used for helping us provide the best services we can for our dancers. It helps us recognise you.
Only you and we (the owners of Fevah Modern Jive) can see your gender. It is not visible to door staff, teachers or other crew.

Mobile Number

Before we can send you SMS notifications you need to confirm that the mobile number you specify is indeed yours.
Confirmation codes are sent during the daytime in case an incorrect mobile number is entered and the SMS message goes to someone else.
How Is Your Mobile Number Used?
We'll only use your mobile number to contact you in certain circumstances such as when you've booked on a workshop but haven't yet arrived - we want to check if you're okay or not able to attend. We never give out personal or contact details to anyone else.
Shared Mobile Number
Occasionally people may want to share the same mobile number for example with a family member. If you want to allow a family member to use your mobile number then please get in touch with us.

Email Address

For privacy and legal reasons we check that the email address you entered isn't blocked, unsubscribed or in use by someone else.
How Is Your Email Address Used?
We use your email address to keep you informed of any news and events. We do not give your details to anyone else. All our communication comes directly from us and not via a third party mailing list provider such as Mailchimp. You can choose what kind of emails & updates you receive from us in your account settings.
We also use your email address when setting up an online account to verify your account.
Shared Email Address
Occasionally people may want to share the same email address for example with a family member who might not have an email address or where two people share one email address. This is analogous to people sharing the same postal address.
If you want to allow a family member to share your email address then please get in touch with us letting us know who you want to share with and we can sort it out for you.

Other Information

We log your attendance at every class and event, this is accessible to dancers via the My Fevah section of the website.
Class Credits
We store you credit balance electronically for ease of registration, your credit balance is also available on your account.