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Fevah Modern Jive

Fevah Modern Jive is run by Deb and Matt. We've been involved with Modern Jive since 1995 and with have extensive overseas experience especially in the UK where Modern Jive originated in the 1980's.

Around 300 people attend our classes each week making us one of the most vibrant dance clubs in New Zealand.

As well as running classes five days a week, we have regular social events and organise one of the friendliest dance competitions in the country.

"Our passion is sharing the joy and benefits of dancing.

We want you to feel welcome & comfortable and have a great time."

We've been running Modern Jive classes here in Christchurch since 2005 and turned a small club into one of the most popular and respected in Australasia. We're passionate about making dance accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

We're also at the forefront of developing and creating ideas for running and teaching classes and social dance events. We have pioneered many aspects of Modern Jive competitions introducing new categories and creating the Modern Jive Points Index.

Deb also teaches wedding dance lessons for couples and wedding guests. With many years experience she is in high demand especially during the wedding season.

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There are many physical, social and mental benefits that can be gained from dancing. It is a very natural human activity with a long history of thousands of years. The more people dance the more everyone benefits.

One of our goals is to increase the overall dance community in Christchurch. One of the appeals of Modern Jive is that it is relatively easy to pick up, this puts us in a good position to introduce more people into the dance scene and so help other dance styles grow.

The Crew