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Beginners Corner

Fevah offers classes and workshops at different levels to suit a range of dancing abilities. The Beginner class is where it all starts!

We begin with our basic hand hold and connection, then we teach moves from our core beginners list.

This is a safe and fun learning environment, where any one is welcome. You'll be able to use what you learn after just one class - and it doesn't matter if you forget everything between classes!

For your first visit we recommend you check out our tips for First Timers:

Beginner Reviews

Included in the evening is a review class taken by our Taxi dancers who are here to help look after the beginners. Taxi dancers are experienced dancers who love sharing their passion with others. They're there to make your learning experience fun and engaging rather than technical and boring!

The review is 30 minutes long and is often split into two groups:

  • Beginners - recently started
  • Improvers - looking to move up to the next level

Reviews are a great opportunity to ask questions and get one to one assistance. The taxi dancers would also love to dance with you during freestyle. That's what we're all here for!

Moving Up to Intermediate

An intermediate dancer is someone who can dance beginner level moves with good timing, balance and lead and follow technique.

We want everyone to have fun and be safe at our dance classes. To help with this we have a Skills Check that we ask everyone to take before joining an intermediate class.

Ask a teacher for a Skills Check before you're ready to move up. They'll have a dance with you during freestyle and offer feedback on areas for you to work on. The taxis can also help with basic tips.

Fast Track Options

As well as classes we also offer workshops and private lessons to help all aspects of your dancing.

Beginner Moves

The 24 core beginner moves have been arranged into 16 sets (each with three moves except one set which has four). These bite size chunks of dance give you a foundation to build from, and help you monitor your progress each week. If you're new, it doesn't matter which set you start with.

In the videos below you can view all of the beginners moves. Check the class pages to see which set is taught for a given night.