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Web App
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To turn on the Web App you will need to sign in to the Secret Vault

About the Fevah Web App (Wapp™)

The Web App is a new feature for 2017 that allows extra interaction with the website without always having to sign in. It's a bit like an App but without the notifications.

Web App
Nothing to downloadYes
Always up to dateYes
Works on smartphones, laptops etc.Yes
Won't access your contactsYes
Private and SecureYes
No notifications or interruptionsYes
Completely free with no adsYes

More about the Wapp

The Wapp has been introduced to reduce the chances of Phishing, Whaling (yes it's a proper term in the context of online security!) and Identity Theft which are becoming more prevalent. It does this by protecting pages that contain people's full names e.g. competition results, newsletters etc.

The Wapp works by storing a hashed and encrypted cookie on your device or computer.