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Fun social dance classes
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Social Dancing

From the 3rd of December a Vaccine Pass is legally required for entry.

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"Our passion is sharing the joy and benefits of dancing.

We want you to feel welcome & comfortable and have a great time." 🙂

Dancing - but not as you know it!

We believe anyone can dance - you're a dancer as soon as you start moving to music!

This is not the kind of dancing you might see on TV shows, this isn't ballet nor is it about performing. No one is here to give you scores - we're here to have fun!

Fun Social Dance Classes

People come along for the buzz: music, people and fun.

  • No partner needed - come on your own or with friends
  • Wide range of ages from 16 upwards
  • Two left feet welcome!

We run 4 regular class nights around Christchurch.

  • Monday classes are temporarily on hold until 2022
  • Wednesday and Thursday classes start at 7:30pm
  • Tuesday classes start at 7:15pm
  • No term dates - start any time

Each night has its own feel so we suggest you try them all to see which one suits you best.

Vaccine Passes
Phone Pass

3rd of December: the My Vaccine Pass is a legal requirement for entry as partner dancing is a close contact activity.