Learn a whole wedding dance in just 4 lessons

Just $45 per lesson

or pre-book to learn a whole dance.

4 lessons for just $160!

More than 4 lessons are each an extra $40.

a happy wedding couple we've taught!

We are experts in teaching couples to dance together, even people who have never danced before and thought they never could.

Choose us to help you prepare a first dance you will enjoy with minimum stress.

  • Dance to any song you choose or we can help you pick something.
  • Easy to learn, no complicated footwork.
  • Incorporate your own style: slow and romantic, or fun and flashy, or anything in between. We can design the style of dance you want for your day.
  • Private lessons in a small dance studio with a relaxed environment.
  • Professional teacher with experience teaching hundreds of couples to dance.

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Most couples choose to do 4 lessons starting around 6 weeks out from the wedding. We can also work in more or fewer if necessary.

The sooner you book, the more likely you can get your most convenient lesson time. Contact Deb today for more information and availability.

Some like to get in early and have the first three lessons under their belt to have lots of time to practise and save the last lesson to just before the wedding for a final polish. Some have grand plans and want a more complex routine so allow for a number of extra lessons. I'd be happy to discuss the options with you.