Fun social dance classes

Pricing and Credits

Class Calendar

We have a Beginner Pass for new dancers and a concession rate if one of the following applies to you:

  • Full Time Student card holder
  • Community Service card holder
  • SuperGold card holder
Std. Conc. Credits
Class Nights,
Dance Parties,
Freestyle Nights
$16 $12 1.0
Tea Dances $10 $8 0.5
Class Night Social Dancing * $10 $8 0.5
Workshops $26 - $44 $20 - $33 2 - 3

Cash, EFTPOS, credit card, Google Pay, Apple Pay available at all venues (paywave - no surchage 😊).

* Class night social dancing is after the intermediate class.

🙋🏻 Beginner Pass

Attend as many classes and social events as you like for 5 weeks. This is for new dancers or those returning after a break of more than 2 years.

The start date is from your first visit so if you join today you can have unlimited classes until: Wed, 21 Aug 2024.

Standard Conc.
5 week pass
Classes, Parties, Tea Dances
$50 $38
What about when classes aren't running?
Any week where there are less than 3 class nights running won't count (e.g. Christmas / New Year holiday period)
We'll add extra weeks where necessary
If I pay for one class can I take up the offer later that evening?
No problem, just pay the balance of the pass less what you paid
$34 for standard pricing ($50 - $16)
$26 for concession pricing ($38 - $12)
Can I take up the offer on my second or subsequent visit?
Yes, but you'll pay a bit more so ideally get the offer on your first night
$40 for standard pricing
$30 for concession pricing
Since the offer ends 5 weeks from your first night then the sooner you take up the offer the better
If you take up the offer in the 5th week and attend all 4 classes that week then for standard pricing you'll still be saving $14 ($30 if there's a party that weekend!)
What doesn't the pass cover?
Anything valued at $20 or more
New Year's Eve party, Christchurch Champs and other weekenders
What if I get injured / ill and can't attend for a while?
No problem, please get in touch and we extend the period for you
💫 Fevah Credits

Get up to 10% off with credits which offers great value for regular dancers.

Buy Standard Conc.
5 $75 $55
10 $142 $106
  • Credits are valid for one year after date of purchase
  • Credits may not be exchanged for cash
  • Credits are not transferable

You can buy credits at class or online via our website.

Few people pay the single entry cash price - new dancers tend to get the beginner offer and regular dancers buy credits.

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🙏 Reward Points

Great communities thrive on the contributions of it's members so we want to reward you for the contribution you make to our community from just arriving for the beginner class to helping with chairs.

Use your barcode and get the equivalent of about 10% off by attending 4 times a month and arriving within 10 minutes of the beginner class starting.

Redeeming Rewards

100 points = 1 credit

Redeem your points before they expire!

If you have come to a Fevah class you'll have an online account where you can turn your rewards into free credits for classes.

Ways to Earn

ContributionReward Points
Bring someone new to class 50 points
Join a class or party within 10 minutes of the start time. 10 points
Pay for 4 to 7 classes in a month 20 points
Pay for 8 or more classes in a month extra 30 points
Class Demo (also gets free entry for the night) 25 points
Setup or clear away chairs at any class or monthly event 30 points
Anyone registered to help with a dance demonstration varies
Improvement, finding a website/software bug 50 points

Terms and Conditions

  • Reward Points are not transferable
  • Reward Points may not be redeemed for cash
  • Unused Reward Points expire after 1 year
  • Dancers need to have one of our barcode tags
  • Dancers need to be current i.e. not unsubscribed.
😊 Credit Pool

We have a credit system which offers great value for regular dancers and a credit pool for those who are struggling financially to get to class.

The credit pool is our way of enabling dancers to support other dancers who may be experiencing hard times either through redundancy or the challenges of life. The credit pool is made up of credits that have been donated by a number of generous dancers as well as ourselves.

We don't want anyone to miss out on the benefits of dancing in tough times when you probably need it most.

Donating to the Credit Pool 🙏

If you would like to contribute to the credit pool then please let us know how many credits you would like to donate

Recommending Someone to Receive Credits 🙋🏻

If you know someone who may need a little help then ask if they are happy for us to approach them.

I'm Struggling. Please - I Need Help 😔

We know it's hard to ask for help, do come and talk to us - we're discreet and understanding. No one else will know that you are receiving credits from the pool and there are no terms or conditions.

Dancers want to help you, they're not looking for recognition nor thanks - the knowledge that they are helping someone else less fortunate than themselves is their reward.

💥 Bonus Free Nights

Have free entry to a class night, party, freestyle or tea dance on your birthday or on the anniversary of joining Fevah Modern Jive. Select your preferred option when you sign in to your account.

You'll get a free night every 100 visits regardless of whether you come to a class, party or tea dance.