Fevah Modern Jive
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Here are our current prices and information on class credits. EFTPOS is usually available (sorry no credit cards or cash out).

We have a concession rate for those on lower incomes and a great offer for new dancers.

Normal Rate
Classes and Dance Parties $15
Sunday Socials, Late Entry $10
EDM sessions $10 cash only
Workshops $26 - $39
New Dancer Special Offers

If you're a new dancer then we have a page specially for you with details of current offers,

Late Entry
  • after 9pm on Class nights
  • after 10:30pm at Dance Parties
Concession Rate
Classes and Dance Parties $11
Sunday Socials, Late Entry $6
EDM sessions $10 cash only
Workshops $20 - $30

You qualify for the concession rate if one of the following applies to you:

  • Full Time Student card holder
  • Community Service card holder
  • SuperGold card holder

Please bring your card to your first class so we can record the expiry date.

Fevah Credits
Using Credits

We have a credit system which offers great value for regular dancers.

Classes and Dance Parties 1.0
Sunday Socials, Late Entry 0.5
EDM sessions 0.5
Workshops (price may be less) 3.0
  • Credits are valid for one year after the date of purchase.
  • Credits may not be exchanged for cash.
  • Credits are not transferable.
Buying Credits

You can buy credits at class or use our Top Up feature on our website.

Prepay Options Normal Conc.
5 Credits $67 $50
10 Credits $130 $95
6 for 3 deal (when available) $45 $33
Special Passes

We have a special pass that offers great value for new dancers when available.

Pass Normal Conc.
New dancer 5 week pass (includes entry to classes, parties, Sunday socials $60 $44

Most workshops follow the standard pricing given above. Occasionally we'll have guest teachers and the length of the workshops may be different, in which case the pricing may differ from below.

For our 4 Foundation Workshops we offer a discounted rate if you have attended them before for a given role.

If a Sunday Social is held on the same weekend as a workshop then entry is free in which case we'd really appreciate it if you could contribute a small plate to share.

Reward Points

Great communities thrive on the contributions of it's members so we want to reward you for the contribution you make to our community such as,

  • Turning up early
  • Attending regularly
  • Introducing new people
  • Helping with chairs

For more information see:

Value for Money

Classes come with a money back guarantee, if you didn't like it and don't want to come again, we'll gladly refund you no questions asked, well we may ask why but we'll still give you your money back regardless of the answer. We are constantly striving to improve your experience with us, let us know if you have comments or suggestions.