Parties, socials, competitions, weekenders and among some of the dance related events that we run throughout the year.

Our dance events are amongst the most popular in the country and are a great way to meet and dance with dancers from all our class nights.

Monthly Dance Party

Our monthly dance parties tend to attract around 150 people of all ages and are held on a Saturday night (usually the 4th in the month) at the C3 Centre in Shirley.

Sometimes there is a theme giving an opportunity to dress up in something different and have a great time.

Monthly Tea Dance

Tea Dances are held on a Sunday (usually the 2nd Sunday of the month) at Avonhead School Hall. We bring tea and coffee and the dancers bring a small plate to share.

Extended Freestyles

We have extended freestyles on a Friday (usually the 1st Friday of the month) at Avonhead School Hall. We bring tea and coffee and a few snacks to have during the evening.


Christchurch Modern Jive Championships

Every year around March / April we run the Christchurch Modern Jive Championships which are considered by many to be one of the premier Modern Jive competitions in Australasia with competitors arriving from around New Zealand and Australia.

We have pioneered many aspects of Modern Jive competitions such as introducing new categories (Pro Am, Music Mashup, 140+) and creating the Modern Jive Points Index.

From 2018 the Champs has been a three day event with dedicated Masters categories on the Sunday.

OMJ Winter Weekender

The OMJ Winter Weekender has been running at the end of July since 2017. It's a great weekend with lots of variety for everyone: workshops, socials, dancing and something Winter related on the Sunday.

We have guest teachers from outside Christchurch to share their knowledge in a series of workshops on the Saturday. Also there has been a very popular coaching session run by the more advanced experienced dancers to help anyone improve any aspect of their own dancing.

Wedding Dance

Wedding Dance with Deb

We've run some hugely entertaining and engaging group classes for entire wedding parties and their guests.

Contact us for any requests you may have. We have considerable experience in being able to handle large groups of people and getting them organised and dancing in a short space of time.

Often the bride and groom have been having wedding dance lessons with Deb and want to share the fun experience they've had learning something new and rewarding.

Christmas / New Year

Corporate / Team Building