Fun social dance classes



Workshops are a great way to improve your dancing in a short space of time and help you master the basics as well as challenge you with more advanced material.

Workshops are pre-booked with payment made at the time of booking. We sometimes run reviews of workshops on Monday class nights after the beginner class.

Foundation Workshops

We have three foundation workshops that are part of our core syllabus. If you have already attended one of these workshops you can attend the same one again at a discounted rate (for a given role if applicable).

Intermediate Foundations
This is a great workshop for working on favourite and commonly used intermediate moves and is especially useful if you find that the jump from beginners to intermediate is very daunting
Essential Dips & Drops
This is one of most popular workshops with dancers often attending more than once. Learn the safe correct technique for wow moves.
Essential Musicality
Musicality is one of the best aspects of Modern Jive - we can dance to the widest range of music from slow to fast, latest chart hits to retro, rock to acoustic, and even 6/8 (Waltz) time signature music!

Skills Workshops

Skills workshops focus on various aspects of technique, footwork, style, connection, musicality etc. that can help your dancing in general - and we make them fun and engaging!

Keep an eye on our newsletter and announcements at class for our next Skills workshop.

Wow! Workshops

Wow! workshops are about moves - specifically ones that catch the eye and make people say "Wow!". These workshops typically require that attendees are in good physical shape and have good balance and technique.

Keep an eye on our newsletter and announcements at class for our next Wow workshop.