Modern Jive is a social partner dance where the emphasis is on being able to dance with a different people rather than with a fixed partner. The moves taught in intermediate classes are designed to be freestyleable rather than for competitions or performances.

Once you are confident dancing all the beginner moves then you may be interested in moving up to intermediate level where we present more challenging moves to spice up your repertoire.

To avoid injury to you or your partner, you need to pass your Dance WoF (Warrant of Fitness) before attending an intermediate class.

Main Points

Once you have passed your Dance WoF you can attend any intermediate class on any night of the week, you can skip a week or go more than once a week, it doesn't matter. Advanced dancers use these classes to support new intermediates and to work on their own timing, posture and technique.

  • 30 minutes long followed by a 15 minute review.
  • Safe learning environment with trained and talented teachers.
  • Review session afterwards with the teacher and demo.

Class Content

Our main focus for intermediate is to teach moves that are freestyleable with anyone who has good lead / follow skills and to teach higher level technique.

  • We teach 2-3 moves, one of which may be repeated from the previous week.
  • We'll include extra technique points to help with safety and style.
  • The last move is usually more difficult than the first ones and may include a dip.
  • Moves are repeated several times throughout the year.

Base Moves and Technique Points

We have 20 base moves and technique points that are often included each class. Each base move can have many variations that can be developed from it.

Base MoveTechnique / Skill
1. Accordion spins Balance
2. Aerial yoyo variation Closeness
3. Archie Compression
4. Backhander Connection
5. Basic Dip Direction changes
6. Basic Duck Turn Floorcraft
7. Basic Seducer Footwork
8. Basic Sit Frame
9. Eskimo Manhattan Height changes
10.Ginger Listening
11.Half Nelson (lead & follow)Mirroring
12.Hip Catch Momentum
13.I go, you go Repeating
14.Lunge Rondes
15.Mambo Safety
16.Pivots Smoothness
17.Pretzel Speed changes
18.Shoulder Block Spinning
19.Sway Styling
20.Telemark Tension

Intermediate Review

The intermediate review happens immediately after the class and is taken by the class teacher assisted by their demo.

The review is approximately 15 minutes long and is a great opportunity to ask questions and get one to one assistance with any aspect of the intermediate class.