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Helpers and Crew

About Us

Being part of the crew in such a dynamic and varied dance club as Fevah is exciting and rewarding.

For some of the roles you don't even have to be a good dancer! If you are interested in being part of any night then come and have a chat with us.

Setting Up / Clearing Chairs
We have a number of volunteers who help setup and clear chairs for classes and events.
Helping with chairs earns rewards which can go towards free classes.
This is a great way to start to get involved.
Venue Setup / Packdown
Help prepare the venue for the night or help pack it down at the end of the night.
You get free entry plus half a credit to go towards other nights.
Great experience if you're keen to help out with the big dance weekenders.
Being DJ is a rewarding role preparing music playlists for class nights and social events.
A DJ takes into account: genre, tempo, mood and energy to keep the dance floor pumping all night long.
This is a paid role and you get free entry on the night.
Great experience if you're keen to get involved with the big dance weekenders.
DoFI = Director of First Impressions!
Ideal for anyone who likes meeting and greeting dancers - you gotta love people and be passionate about good service.
Be warned, it can get pretty hectic at the start of the night so being able to stay calm under pressure helps.
This is a paid role and there's time for 45 minutes of social dancing at the end of the shift.
Skills Coaches
Skill coaches help beginners with the Skills Check to transition them the next level.
They can do this by attending the Improvers Review or by having a dance in freestyle / social dancing and offering feedback by needed.
Needs to be a technically proficient dancer with good communication skills.
Being a taxi is an immensely rewarding role as you get to be a part of people's dance journey watching them grow over the weeks and months.
Taxis welcome new dancers and help run the beginner and improver reviews after the class.
Being a taxi is the first step in becoming a teacher.
Taxis get a credit for the night they are on duty so it's a great way for dance addicts to feed their habit.
Teachers are here to inspire our dancers, personality and communication skills are paramount.
It's a challenging role and high standards must be maintained.
A good teacher is also a good learner and a good listener
This is a paid role and teachers also get free entry to all classes and events.
Top teachers can end up being invited to teach workshops at other studios and events.
Venue Manager
Is responsible for the successful running of a class night, dance party etc.
They interact with the dancers and crew to ensure everyone is having a great time in a safe environment.
They deal with incidents, suggestions and feedback.
They handle safety procedures for fire and other emergencies.