Fun social dance classes
Essential Dips and Drops

Sunday, 9 July 2023

This workshop is ideal for beginners thinking about moving up to intermediate classes, and for dancers who are already attending intermediate classes but have not yet had the benefit of attending this workshop.

It is a great way to brush up on the moves and techniques that are essential foundations for safer and easier intermediate classes. Essential Dips and Drops is one of our Foundation Workshops.

Workshops are a great way to improve your dancing in a short space of time and help you master the basics as well as challenge you with more advanced material.

Time: 3:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Where: Avonhead School (map below)
Duration: 3 hours

Please aim to arrive in good time to warm up and get ready. Attendance at the Workshop gives you free entry to a Sunday Social if one is held afterwards.

Workshop Content
Side Hook Sit

Seven moves covered in depth by 2 instructors to teach both lead and follow roles:

  • Ginger
  • Travelling Return Dip
  • Roll In Dip
  • Tango Drop
  • Seducer
  • Layback
  • Side Hook Sit

Content is available online after the workshop.

Who Is This For?
  • Beginners who have been attending the improvers review (if you are unsure please speak to one of our teachers)
  • Experienced dancers wishing to develop both roles (lead and follow)
  • Anyone aiming to become a Taxi dancer or Teacher

Points to bear in mind:

  • We may limit the number of couples but don't worry this workshop is usually held twice a year.
  • You do not need a partner to book a place on this workshop as we aim to match up leads and follows.

The workshop was great. Right pace and clear demonstrations and instructions. ... Thanks for a great afternoon.

Excellent and a lot of fun. I enjoyed the dynamics of the trainers, ... technical tips were tops. Well done guys!

Thanks ... for the massive amount of info & tips included with this :)

Group size - perfect. Great venue. Themes well covered with good timing allocated to the various parts of the programme. Thank you for ensuring there were enough leaders ... - most appreciated. You two really are fantastic teachers and dancers - great demonstrating and well delivered dialogue and good friendly banter! Thank you for both keeping to the actual moves that you taught when we were learning and not doing your own thing. Good advice re trousers - much easier. The price - we both felt it was good value. The video - I haven't seen it yet but think its a great idea.

I really liked the workshop. Especially good was the detailed tutition on leading, following, returns etc and detailed tutition on some of the intermediate moves.

I really enjoyed the workshop on Sunday, it was fantastic. I loved that there was a scary move in the class. Tango to Death, that was awesome. Now just need to practice it :-)

... I learned heaps and it gave me the confidence to try the Intermediate class last Thursday ...Thanks for your high level of skill and the ability to teach me that skill. I am enjoying my dancing more than I thought I would!

Pricing and Booking
Entry TypeCreditsCashClosing Date
Everyone-3.0-Sun, 09 Jul, 2:00 PM
Standard Entry-$42.00Sun, 09 Jul, 2:00 PM
SuperGold Card-$32.00Sun, 09 Jul, 2:00 PM
Full Time Student-$32.00Sun, 09 Jul, 2:00 PM
Community Services-$32.00Sun, 09 Jul, 2:00 PM
Repeat Pricing

If you've done this workshop before then you can get a discount:

Entry TypeCreditsCashClosing Date
Everyone-1.0-Sun, 09 Jul, 2:00 PM
Standard Entry-$14.00Sun, 09 Jul, 2:00 PM
SuperGold Card-$11.00Sun, 09 Jul, 2:00 PM
Full Time Student-$11.00Sun, 09 Jul, 2:00 PM
Community Services-$11.00Sun, 09 Jul, 2:00 PM
Avonhead School
  • 55 Avonhead Road, Avonhead, Christchurch
  • The school is located on Avonhead Road just up from Yaldhurst Road.
  • There is some parking near the hall within the school as well as plenty of street parking nearby.
  • The entrance to the hall is at the front of the building near the road.