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We run social dance events throughout the year. Our dancers love them because they get to meet dancers from other class nights.

Dance Parties
Dance Parties

Our dance parties are heaps of fun and a great way to spend an evening with up to 150 people turning up during the course of the night.

  • Chat and mingle with dancers from our class nights
  • Everybody welcome - come on your own, with a partner or with friends

Sometimes there may be a theme and some people get right into it whereas other may just come along in what they'd wear normally on a night out.

We begin with a quick ice-breaker class and then it's freestyle for the rest of the evening. Dancers often feel they improve significantly after attending a party or other social event.

  • 7:45pm Doors Open
  • 8:00pm Mixer Class
  • 8:30pm Social Dancing
  • 10:00pm Light Refreshment
  • 12am Finish

Times are half an hour earlier outside Daylight Saving Time.

Sunday Socials
Sunday Socials

A Sunday Social is held once a month on a Sunday evening and a chance to dance with fellow dancers from all our Christchurch class nights (used to be called Tea Dance).

  • We provide the tea and coffee and a few biscuits, and dancers bring a small plate to share as well
  • Everybody welcome - come on your own, with a partner or with friends

These events are heaps of fun with between 60 - 100 people turning up and a great opportunity to practice lots of freestyle. People ask each other for a dance, others chat and mingle, it's up to you.

We play a more chilled out, Sunday afternoonish selection of music. Modern Jive is so versatile you'll be surprised at what the variety of music we play. All those tunes you love hearing on the radio, well you can hear those and more at a Sunday social.

  • 6pm Doors Open
  • 8pm Finish
Dance Parties

Sometimes we have a longer period of social dancing. We start with a class as usual at 7:30pm with freestyle starting from 8:15pm and going on till 10pm.

  • Chat and mingle with fellow dancers from all our Christchurch class nights
  • Everybody welcome - come on your own, with a partner or with friends
  • Look out for our "Half Hour of Power" where we play 2 clips of songs in over half an hour - try to dance with as many people as possible!
Christmas Party

Our Christmas parties are among our biggest events where dancers old and new from all the venues across Christchurch come together to celebrate the end of the year.

We have our main Christmas party on a Thursday and an OMJ Christmas party usually on the Wednesday of the same week.

We start with a standard Beginner class and then go straight into freestyle with a break around 9:30pm for some presentations and other announcements and then it's back to dancing.

New Year's Eve Party

Join us for a fabulous night of dance and good times with the great bunch of people that make up Fevah.

The venue is the C3 Centre which has a lovely outdoor area next to the dance floor.

We ask people to bring a small plate to share during the course of the evening. You can BYO and bring your own glasses if you're going to have some bubbles otherwise we'll be providing a non-alcoholic punch, tea & coffee and some nibbles.

Pay on the door (applies all night):

  • Standard: $25pp or 2 credits
  • Concession: $20pp or 2 credits