Fun social dance classes

We run social dance events throughout the year. Our dancers love them because they get to meet dancers from other class nights.

Dance Parties

Dance Parties

Our dance parties are heaps of fun and a great way to spend an evening with up to 150 people turning up during the course of the night.

  • Meet and dance with dancers from our class nights
  • Come on your own, with a partner or with friends
  • Everybody welcome

Parties are usually held each month, sometimes we'll have two in the same month each with a slightly different focus so check the calendar for details.

We begin with a quick ice-breaker class and then it's freestyle for the rest of the evening. If you arrive within 10 minutes of the start time you can earn early arrival rewards to go towards free classes 🐤

Tea, coffee and yummy cake/slice provided ☕ 🎂

What Do I Wear?

Sometimes there may be a theme and some people like to dress up according to the theme which can be great fun and entertaining! Otherwise come along in whatever you're comfortable in.


If there's a theme then the playlist will often reflect that theme whether it's 80's, R&B, Hallowe'en, Pirates etc. We still aim to have some variety if there is a theme.

Otherwise Fevah parties will have a wide range of music that gives Modern Jive it's appeal - you can dance to anything!

For OMJ parties (Ōtautahi Modern Jive - the name we give our Wednesday nights) the music is mainly current hits with a few throwbacks to the 80's / 90's.


Generall Fevah parties generally start at 8pm and OMJ parties start at 8:30pm. Please check the calendar for specific times for each party.

Tea Dances

Tea Dances

2 hours of dancing to a more laid back mix of music - everybody welcome - come and dance with fellow dancers from all our Christchurch class nights.

Tea Dances are usually every month or so on a Sunday evening between 6 and 8pm.

  • We provide tea, coffee and some snacks, soy milk also available
  • Bring a small plate to share - not compulsory but greatly appreciated
  • Everybody welcome - come on your own, with a partner or with friends

These events are heaps of fun with between 60 - 100 people turning up and a great opportunity to practice lots of freestyle. People ask each other for a dance, others chat and mingle, it's up to you.

We play a more chilled out, Sunday afternoonish selection of music. Modern Jive is so versatile you'll be surprised at what the variety of music we play. All those tunes you love hearing on the radio, well you can hear those and more at a Tea Dance.

  • 6pm Doors Open
  • 8pm Finish

Christchurch Modern Jive Champs

Christchurch Champs

Every year we run the Christchurch Modern Jive Championships which are considered by many to be one of the premier Modern Jive competitions in Australasia with over 150 competitors.

Refresh Dance Weekend

Refresh Dance Weekend

A different take on competitions and dance weekends, incorporating new events and dance adjacent workshops.

Winter Weekender

Winter Weekender

The Winter Weekender has been running at the end of July since 2017. It's a great weekend with lots of variety for everyone run by the OMJ crew: workshops, socials, dancing and something Winter related on the Sunday.