Beginner Magic

The idea here is to sprinkle some magic on various aspects of your dancing to turn you into a great partner to dance with.

We focus on "getting it right" to give you more confidence and ability to continue growing your dance skills. The workshop is open to everyone, even if you have started intermediate classes, as it's a great opportunity to really focus on the foundation skills and techniques.

Beginner Magic is one of our Four Foundation Workshops.

Workshop Content

  • Attention to the finer points of lead and follow that make all moves work.
  • A dash of style and polish supported by the princples behind effective styling.
  • Freestyle tips and tricks to give you more continuity, interest and freedom of expression in your dancing.
  • 2 instructors to teach both lead and follow roles.
  • 2 hours of instruction and practice.

Who Is This For?

Workshop Details