Fevah Modern Jive Dance Classes Christchurch

No partner dance classes until we reach Level 1

Do you

  • want more fun and enjoyment in your life?
  • love that feeling of achieving something?
  • enjoy being part of likeminded group of real people?

Dancing but not as you know it

This is not the kind of dancing you might see on TV shows, this isn't ballet nor is it about performing.

This is people, music and activity - allround enjoyment for anyone with a multitude of additional benefits.

Our Third Space

For many people this is their "third space" after family and work.

Fevah Modern Jive Dance Lessons and Social Partner Dancing
  • No partner needed
  • Two left feet welcome!
  • Locations around Christchurch

Beginner Dance Classes

Intermediate Dance Classes

Social Events and Weekenders

Wedding Dance