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The glossary below is a basic list with brief descriptions. There is plenty of information available online for the interested reader.

  • Acoustics - when applied to a venue, describes how the shape and materials of a venue affect the reflection and absorption of different sound frequencies. Poor sound quality can arise from not taking into account venue acoustics.
  • Bar - a place where people dance and hang out; a segment of time made up of beats that divides up a piece of music into regular periods.
  • Beat or pulse - that bit in the music that makes your foot tap! There are up beats and down beats but really the main points is that there's a beat! Even if there isn't a clear obvious beat there is an implied one based on the time signature.
  • BPM - Beats per minute = the number of regular beats in a minute. (BPM can also mean bars per minute in other contexts).
  • Bridge - a section of music that is different in composition from the rest of the song. Over 90% of the songs we play have a bridge. Bridges often occur about two-thirds or three-quarters of the way through a song and are a great opportunity for musical interpretation. Bridges take many forms: quieter, louder, instrumental, vocal, token rap section, loss of drum beat, even a change in time signature.
  • Downbeat - the first beat in a bar.
  • Genre - a term used to reflect the instumentation and content of a song, e.g. Pop, R&B, Blues, Latin, Swing, Electronic, Acoustic, etc. There are hundreds of genres and sub-genres, there is much crossover and while sometimes it's nice to neatly put a song in one genre, it is often likely to come under more than one. Our music player uses the song genre to change the equaliser settings for optimal sound reproduction.
  • EQ or Equalisation - refers to the settings for a specified number of frequency bands of an equaliser. An equaliser varies the strangth of different sound frequencies that make up a song and can be implemented in hardware or software.
  • Melody - is what makes a piece of music sound nice and is a combination of pitch, timbre and rhythm.
  • Modern Jive - Modern Jive is a partner dance with no regular footwork that borrows ideas & concepts from other dance styles.
  • Mood - the type of feeling that a song may convey (bearing in mind that this can be quite subjective), e.g. Lively, Romantic, Sad, Party Time, Smokey Bar, Sunday Brunch, Intense, Cheesy, Chill Out.
  • Music - noise made up of regular sound patterns. Dance music often provokes some kind of rhythmic movement in the listener (hopefully in time with the music).
  • Phrase - has a wide variety of definitions when applied to music. Often it refers to a section of music that is somewhat complete. For Modern Jive it's best to think of a phrase as 4 musical bars. In 4/4 time signature, 4 bars of music is 16 beats which is 8 Modern Jive counts (which is why we count 1 to 8). There are often highlights and breaks at the end of phrases. Verse and chorus boundaries occur at phrase boundaries.
  • Tempo - the speed of music measured in beats per minute.
  • Time signature - a measure of how many beats there are in a bar of music.
  • Upbeat - the last beat in a bar.
  • Year Released - this refers to the original release date. Many songs have covers and remixes, some are re-released in different compilation albums, the problem is that the Year tag given by online music stores refers to the publication date regardless of when the song was originally released.