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Music is an integral part of any dance class, party or competition. Music is why we are here without it we'd just be some kind of bizarre mime club!

Modern Jive can be danced to a wider range of music than any other partner dance style due to the relaxed emphasis on specific footwork.

The majority of the music we play has a time signature of 4/4 also known as common time but occasionally we'll play a song with Viennese Waltz timing of 6/8. Interestingly, some songs will have a bridge where the timing changes briefly, an example being Round Round by The Sugababes.

Music at Fevah

Monday to Thursday we play the best music from what is be played on the main radio stations such as More FM, The Breeze, The Edge, ZM, The Rock and Mai FM.

  • Tuesdays we add a bit more Jazz, Latin, Blues and Swing.
  • Wednesdays is for dancers keen to keep up with latest music releases as well as classic hits.

At our dance parties and Sunday socials we play music with a wide appeal. Occasionally we'll have a theme which can inspire the playlist.

Music Over the Years

Since 2006 we've been logging the music we've played at our classes and events.

It's interesting to see how tastes and music evolve over the years. If you have an account with us you can see what we've played and also browse our music library.

Search our music library and add your own rating to the songs we play. The more songs you rate highly the greater chance you'll get to hearing them.