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Credit Pool

The credit pool is our way of enabling dancers to support other dancers who may be experiencing hard times either through redundancy or the challenges of life.

We don't want anyone to miss out on the benefits of dancing in tough times when you probably need it most.

We have class credits that have been donated by a number of generous dancers as well as ourselves for those financially affected by Covid-19 or for any other reason.

Donating to the Credit Pool 🙏

If you would like to contribute to the credit pool then please let us know how many credits you would like to donate

Recommending Someone to Receive Credits 🙋🏻

If you know someone who may need a little help then ask if they are happy for us to approach them.

I'm Struggling. Please - I Need Help 😔

We know it's hard to ask for help, do come and talk to us - we're discreet and understanding. No one else will know that you are receiving credits from the pool and there are no terms or conditions.

Dancers want to help you, they're not looking for recognition nor thanks - the knowledge that they are helping someone else less fortunate than themselves is their reward.