Fri 20 April: Fancy Freestyle Friday @ Avonhead

Wed 25 April: Anzac Day - class is on

Wednesday mainly has a range of modern music including the latest new releases. It has a lively atmosphere with between 90 and 120 people mostly aged 18 - 35 but also popular with experienced older dancers.

  • Avonhead School Hall, 55 Avonhead Road, Avonhead

The hall has a huge floor and we provide mood lighting making this a really popular night out mid week. We have use of the staff car park and there is plenty of street parking nearby. See below for a map and more info.

We have our own Facebook page for Wednesday dancers.


Beginners Class

The Beginner class is where it all starts. We start with our basic hand hold and connection followed by learning a few moves. Start any week as there's no course or term.

7.25Easy warmup
7.30 Beginner Class
8.15Social dancing and practice
8.30Beginners review with the Taxi dancers.

Video Class moves this week (Wed, 18 Apr):

Beginner Review

The Beginners Review is included in the evening, it's 30 minutes long and is a great opportunity to ask questions and get one to one assistance.


Intermediate Class

We want everyone to have fun and be safe at our dance classes. To help with this we have a Dance WoF (Warrant of Fitness) that we ask everyone to pass before joining an intermediate class.

8.30Intermediate Class
9.00Intermediate review to 9.15. Get one to one help, learn extra style and advanced tips directly from the teacher.
  • We teach 2-3 moves, one of which may be repeated from the previous week.
  • We'll include extra technique points to help with safety and style.
  • There are 20 base moves and technique points that are often included each class.

Intermediate Review

The Intermediate Review happens immediately after the class and is taken by the class teacher. It's approximately 15 minutes long and is a great opportunity to ask questions and get one to one assistance.

Int Plus and Advanced Dancers

Int+ Class

Once a month we'll be holding an Int+ class before beginners. The classes will focus on a topic chosen in advance by group vote meaning each month will be different, some ideas of topics we have are:

  • Communication
  • Duck turns
  • Build your own competition move
  • Plus many more

To attend you will need to pass an Int+ Dance WoF

We're looking forward to bringing you this next level of content to help you progress your dancing. Keep an eye for the start date.

7pm - 7:25 Int+ Class

Social Dancing

Social dancing / freestyle is the time to have some fun and put it all into practice. We turn the lights down and the volume up for party time!

8:15 - 8:30Easy tempo, shorter songs
9:00 - 10pmGreat music variety!

We encourage everyone to ask each other to dance, sometimes this can be a little daunting but our culture is to accept invitations to dance and there's no pecking order!


Join us at McDonalds, Riccarton after class for a wind down chat and processed food/drink.

We have our own Facebook group for Wednesday dancers.

OMJ Winter Weekender 27th - 29th July 2018

Join us again for another fabulous weekend hosted by the OMJ crew here in Christchurch.

Avonhead School

  • 55 Avonhead Road, Avonhead, Christchurch
  • The school is located on Avonhead Road just up from Yaldhurst Road.
  • There is some parking near the hall within the school as well as plenty of street parking nearby.
  • The entrance to the hall is at the front of the building near the road.