Christchurch Modern Jive Championships
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Christchurch Modern Jive Championships
"Can we swap the lead and follow roles in freestyle and other categories?"

- Yes, "Although there is a leader and a follower it doesn't matter who leads or follows nor if you switch roles during the dance." - see,

"Can I do the splits in Level 1?"

- No, see Allowable Moves under

"Does each partner have to the do the 'correct' footwork for their respective role?"

- No, there is no footwork requirement for any role in any category - see Local Variations under,

The footwork FAQ has generated much discussion on Facebook, one of our advanced dancers, Courtenay, summarised is nicely like this:

"We have the suggested appropriate Footwork and anything else is a stylistic choice. Consider the suggested Footwork your basic - and it's OK to change to fit the needs of the song, move or partner but the changes should not be consistently there.
Matt and Deb aren't saying that we should throw away all resemblance of Footwork - we still teach our follows to step with their left first in class for example. However we are loosening the boundaries to allow for more freedom of expression at the same time.
And in regard to moves like a Manhattan from the experience of a follow who dabbles I leading - you can 'sort it out'. I play with the rhythm before I need to be on the appropriate foot to make sure I do not mess with the partnership and move.
...There are *usually* 4 whole beats to a bar with many different possibilities for how those beats can be broken up... You could step any of those combinations with either foot and still be on time...."

Deb says:

Dancing with your partner and the music is great. Be in time with your motion and connection. Feet change all the time. eg wy partner might half time to allow me to move past and reflect the music... opposite feet are involved for 50% of the dancing of that move, doesn't matter, we are still together and with the music.

Rebecca from Wellington says:

...the amazing thing with MJ is that it's very much a blank canvas. Once you are comfortable with the canvas/frame then your inside artwork can be very individual in terms of styling which includes feet.

Rebecca from Christchurch says:

As a level 1 who usually follows but has decided to lead in DWAS, the footwork thing is such a relief!! There are some moves that really need a lead to initiate on the right, but many of them work out (for a level 1) if I end up initiating on my left. It's hard to fight my default setting.