At Fevah Modern Jive we pride ourselves on our attention to detail and continuous improvement. Even if you've competed or judged before we recommend having a good read of the rules and judging criteria as we have made some key improvements in our approach this year.

The judging criteria are provided as a guide to what the judges will be looking for to help them compare dancers in the competition.

At Fevah Modern Jive we value many different criteria that support the aims of social partner dancing and they can be divided into 3 groups: Musicality, Synergy and Spirit.




All dancers should show some of all of these elements. We have represented the three groups in a pyramid to suggest Musicality, including timing and interpretation, is an important base and must exist in some measure or the other tiers will topple.

Synergy includes partnership and technique, vital elements for two people creating a dance that is greater than what either of them could do on their own.

We want to use Spirit to emphasise the attitude that the dancers should bring. We want to encourage participation, inclusion and joy.