The Champs Team

Something as busy and complex as the Champs can only be achieved with the help of a great team. We're very grateful to have the help and expertise of the people below. If you're interested in getting involved then please get in touch.

Event Directors - Deb & Matt

We're here to ensure everyone has a great time at a safe, well organised and enjoyable event. We love being hosts and seeing everyone dance and build friendships with dancers from Christchurch and beyond. We're always open for a chat or to help with any questions you may have.

Competition Director - Deb

The competition director is here to help with all aspects of competing and judging such as helping you with rules, judging criteria and anything else. This is a bit like Head Judge but encompasses a bit more and is less scary 😉

Stage Manager - Becky

As stage manager, Becky ties all the pieces together, working with everyone with the team to ensure they have everything they need. She's also fanatical about giving the dancers the best experience we have to offer and works tirelessly to keep everything running smoothly.

MC - Zoe

Keeping everyone informed and announcing all the events is a demanding role. Zoe helps set the atmosphere for the entire weeked. Furthermore, Zoe provides invaluable help on all aspects of Champs from the planning stage through to the actual day.

About Fevah Modern Jive

We've been running Modern Jive classes and events here in Christchurch since 2005 and turned a small club into a thriving dance community. Over the years we've found a variety of ways to develop our passion for serving the dance community both here in Christchurch and beyond.

Fevah Modern Jive

Fun, social partner dance classes and events. We are one of the most popular partner dance clubs in Australasia running four class nights a week in Christchurch. We also have monthly dance parties and socials.

Classes range in size from 40 to 100 with a wide range of ages represented.


Think Ōtautahi Modern Jive (or OMG but with the G replaced with J for jive) - this is a group within Fevah for dancers keen to keep up with latest music releases as well as dancing to classic hits.

Dancers of all ages are welcome with the night being particulary popular for those in the 18 - 35 range.

Christchurch Modern Jive Championships

The ChCh Champs is one of the most popular Modern Jive competitions in Australasia with over 150 competitors regularly attending.

The action is spread over three days with a variety of categories to suit all levels.

Refresh Dance Weekend

Our Refresh weekender is a mix of workshops, a few competition categories and socials but with a refreshing twist.

Winter Weekender

The Winter Weekender is hosted by our Wednesday (OMJ) crew and is New Zealand's only Winter dance weekend featuring social events, workshops, snow sports and of course a huge dance party.

Wedding Dance with Deb

Deb has taught over 500 wedding couples over the years and has also taught entire wedding groups. She has considerable experience in being able to handle large groups of people and getting them organised and dancing in a short space of time.

With many years experience she is in high demand especially during the wedding season.

Modern Jive Points Index

The Modern Jive Points Index (MJPI) is a system to track the progress of competitors in Modern Jive dance competitions.

The MJPI is used extensively in New Zealand and Australia. It also uses a scoring system (developed by us) which is used at most Modern Jive competitions in New Zealand and has also been used at the Ceroc Pan-Asia Championships.