Christchurch Modern Jive Championships
My Champs
Christchurch Modern Jive Championships
The Champs Team

Something as busy and complex as the Champs can only be achieved with the help of a great team. We're very grateful to have the help and expertise of the people below. If you're interested in getting involved then please get in touch.

Event Directors - Deb & Matt

We're here to ensure everyone has a great time at a safe, well organised and enjoyable event. We love being hosts and seeing everyone dance and build friendships with dancers from Christchurch and beyond. We're always open for a chat or to help with any questions you may have.

Competition Director - Deb

The competition director is here to help with all aspects of competing and judging such as helping you with rules, judging criteria and anything else. This is a bit like Head Judge but encompasses a bit more and is less scary 😉

On the floor

Our crew over the Champs weekend work tirelessly to provide you with the best experience we can. At the heart of it all is our Stage Manager Becky who is responsible for keeping us to schedule and working with the crew.

Stage Manager Becky
MC Zoe
DJ's DJ Steel, Alan, Deb, Matt
Head Marshall Courtenay
Marshalls Christine, Janelle, Melissa
Runners Junior, Bryar, Linzi, Rhys, John Jr
Judge Wrangler Alicia
Scrutineer Trish
Scrutineer HelpersRosie, Poorna
Looking after you

Our Services Team are here to welcome you and look after your dance environment. They deal with registrations, changing rooms, etc.

Team Leader Becky
Reception Lisa, Rebecca, Junior
Buzzy Bees Jo, Jeff, Jason
Judge, Crew Food Helen
Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes are the Technical Support Team. We're seldom seen nor heard but happily beaver away to keep everything running smoothly.

Team Leader Matt
Setup Trish, Helen, Jeff
Transport Trish, Helen, Jeff, Rosie, Poorna
Systems, IT Matt