Modern Jive Points Index

Join the MJPI


Joining the MJPI allows you to enter a number of affiliate competitions that have agreed to use a common means for managing dancers' levels.

When you join you are given a starting level based on your competition and Modern Jive experience.

Competition Experience

Take into account your level according to any current competition experience bearing in mind:

  • Your highest level of competing at your own level (i.e. not dancing up because of your partner)
  • Where categories were not a straight final and had at least 6 entries

Modern Jive Experience

Please consider:

  • How long you have been growing as a dancer - this is different from how long you have been dancing
  • The level of classes and workshops that you have attended
Starting Level Options


Newer / less experienced dancers

  • a) Start of Level 1
  • b) Middle section
  • c) Upper section


Intermediate dancers

  • d) Start of Level 2
  • e) Middle section
  • f) Upper section


More advanced dancers, less experienced teachers

  • g) Start of Level 3
  • h) Middle section
  • i) Upper section


Champions, hot shots, more experienced teachers

  • j) Start of Level 4
  • j) Middle section

Joining with Two Roles

Leading and following are tracked separately on the MJPI. Most competitors stick to one role which is referred to as their primary role.

Primary Role
This is the role you're most comfortable dancing and is usually the one you first join the MJPI with.
Secondary Role
This is your other role that you may be aiming to develop.
Secondary Role For Level 3 & 4 Competitors

Level 3 and 4 dancers start at Level 2 for their secondary role due to their already successful competition experience and their better quality of movement and understanding of dance.

Level 1 dancers are only just beginning their competition journey - it's hard enough encouraging dancers to compete as it is, let alone with scary advanced dancers marshalling alongside them!

Although you're beginning a journey in a new role you are not new to competitions - after all you've already won many trophies.

If you're joining as a serious competitor then we know you'll work at developing your secondary role to progress from Level 2. If you're only in this for fun then it won't matter what level you're in.

If you still feel you should start at Level 1 then please let us know when you join.