Christchurch Modern Jive Championships
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Christchurch Modern Jive Championships

We have many categories spread over the three days. We may cancel a category other than Teams and Showcases if there are fewer than four entries when the registration period ends.

Choosing a Partner

For some categories you do not need to find or choose a partner beforehand.

Category Choose Partner
Freestyle ✔️
Follows Blind
Tuakana-Teina Lucky Dip
Lucky Dip Steals
Masters Lucky Dip
Music Mashup ✔️
Break The Dial ✔️
Triples ✔️
Aerials ✔️
Mixed Level Categories

The sum of the levels of each partner is what counts:

  • Lower group: the sum is in the range 2 - 5 (so a Level 4 dancer can partner a Level 1 dancer)
  • Upper group: the sum is in the range 6 - 8

Applies to: