We have a wide range of categories for you to enjoy. Some categories are divided into different levels to give more people a chance to make finals and perhaps gain a placing.

Each day is self contained meaning you can join us for one day or for all three.

Enter Without a Partner

It can be hard to find a partner and so we have two categories that will suit you. This year we've put Lucky Dip on the Sunday so you can participate on both days and only pay the cost for one event each day if need be.

Category No Partner
Lucky Dip ✔️
Levels Within Categories

Some categories can be split further into single level events or into events where the sum of the levels of each partner determines the event they enter.

Category Not Split Single Sum Mixed
Big Moves ✔️
Prepared Freestyle ✔️
Showcases ✔️
Teams ✔️
Triples ✔️
Freestyle ✔️
Masters Freestyle ✔️
Music Mashup ✔️
Partner Blind ✔️
Steals ✔️
Lucky Dip ✔️