An important and rewarding role choosing freestyle music for class nights or parties. Music is why we are here and it's up to the DJ to put together an awesome playlist for people to dance to.

Personal Qualities

  • Appreciation of wide music variety
  • Open to feedback and suggestions from dancers

Key Points

  • Create playlists according to our DJ guidelines.
  • Setup the music laptop at least 15 minutes before the class or event starts and pack it down at the end of the night.
  • Be familiar with at least 80% of the music on the music laptops.
  • Recommend new songs.
  • Discuss music with dancers, ask for requests.

Outside of class, the music laptop must be kept in a secure location and cannot be used non-Fevah events due to our music licence.

The freestyle playlist is a carefully considered sequence of songs that takes into account: genre, tempo, mood, year released. For definitions see our Music Glossary.

We use a custom music player program where you can also take into account:

  • Number of weeks since a song was last played
  • Number of times a song was played in the last 12 weeks

A playlist usually takes around 30 minutes for every hour of music to setup.