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Being DJ is a rewarding role preparing music playlists for class nights and social events. A playlist is a carefully considered sequence of songs that takes into account: genre, tempo, mood and energy to keep the dance floor pumping all night long.

We use custom software written for Fevah Modern Jive where we can take into account:

  • Number of weeks since a song was last played
  • Number of times a song was played in the last 12 weeks

A playlist usually takes around 30 minutes for every hour of music to setup.

Personal Qualities
  • Open to feedback and suggestions from dancers
  • Familiarity of a wide variety of music from the 60's through to present day
  • Appreciation of the needs and preferences of different demographics
  • Setup the music laptop at least 15 minutes before the start and pack it down at the end of the night
  • Attend the class or event that you have prepared the playlist for
  • Recommend new songs
  • Be familiar with at least 80% of the music on the laptop
  • Discuss music with dancers and encourage requests
Interested in being a DJ?

To be part of the crew you need to have the right stuff! We are a very diverse community and so DJ's need to be familiar with a diverse range of music.


training provided by Fevah Modern Jive. Past DJ experience can be helpful but can also be an obstacle to understanding the unique environment we have at our classes.