Refresh Dance Weekend
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Lucky Dip

Lucky Dip is open to all dancers including teachers and embodies the true nature of social partner dancing. There is no need to enter with a partner. We will run a new variation on Lucky Dip where you will be randomly allocated a partner within your MJPI level:

  • Lucky Dip Level 1
  • Lucky Dip Level 2
  • Lucky Dip Level 3
  • Lucky Dip Level 4

You'll be paired with someone from the same level as you if you want to be part of that event.

Furthermore we'll seed the pairings generator to so we can get to meet and mingle with dancers from a different location as much as possible.

Partnerships will be revealed at the Friday dance party. Refresh is an Any Gender Any Role (AGAR) event and so your partner could be any gender - they'll just be dancing the opposite role.

We love the idea that we get to randomly compete with another dancer at the same level for a whole category, not just briefly in DWAS.

Allowable Moves

Remember - simpler moves done well is better than complex moves done not so well - lead to your partner's ability 😉

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Judging Criteria

Lucky Dip is about how well the dancers bring out the best of the partnership - this is why synergy is an important part of the judging criteria.

In all rounds competitors will get to dance to two songs which will be different in style and potentially 'fast' and 'slow'. As a result there is no repechage as the judges will be scoring across the round and looking for the best partnerships overall.