Refresh Dance Weekend

Refresh Workshops

We have a number of workshops and sessions designed to refresh your dance skills and knowledge.


There are four workshops on Saturday morning arranged in two slots with two workshops taught in parallel.

9:45am - 10:45am: Workshops 1 & 2

Make-up for Dance Competitions

DJ, Playlists & Music Theory

11:00am - 12:00pm: Workshops 3 & 4

Social Media & Building your Brand

Tips & Tricks for Choreography


9:45am - 10:45am: Workshop 5

Foot Strength, Shoes & Injury Prevention

11:00m - 12:00pm: Workshop 6

Sport Psychology - Managing fear and stress for dancers

Make-up for Dance Competition

Presented by Courtenay from Fevah Modern Jive.

DJ, Playlists & Music Theory

Presented by DJ James 'Reign of Steel' from Fevah Modern Jive.

Social Media & Building your Brand

Presented by Keighlee from Fevah Modern Jive.

Tips & Tricks for Choreography

Presented by Deb Robinson from Fevah Modern Jive.

Deb is one of the powerhouses behind Fevah in Christhchurch, having taught and competed across the UK and Australiasia. She is going to share her experience choreographing both Showcases and Team routines to help you get started.

Deb has put together many teams and showcases over the years and her choreography has always stood out. Deb is frequently asked to judge choreographed events at competitions.

With the rising popularity of Prepared Freestyle and other choreographed categories, this isn't one you want to miss!

Foot Strength, Shoes & Injury Prevention

Presented by Georgina Barr from Merivale Podiatry.

Join New Zealand's top dance podiatrist for an interactive workshop with useful information and practical tips for dancers.

  • Looking after your feet
  • common dance injuries
  • how dance biomechanics is different from 'normal' biomechanics and how this can impact on recovery and return to sport
  • dance-specific strength and flexibility exercises to reduce the occurrence of dance injuries and also to reduce the injury recovery time to return to dance

Sport Psychology - Managing fear and stress for dancers

Presented by Zoe Klomp from KinEd & Fevah Modern Jive.

Through her business, KinEd, Zoe shares her passion for learning. In this session she'll share her knowledge and learning both as a competitive kayker and dancer.

Looking at proactive ways to manage stress and anxiety to not only improve performance, but help us all remember why we started dancing in the first place - because we enjoyed it!