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Battle of the Themes

Battle of the Themes is a fun category where each couple can go for a theme and dress up and dance accordingly. Either partner can be the lead or the follow and the lead may swap between either partner during the dance.

The theme can be inspired from a variety of sources such as a movie, story, clothing or idea. The aim is to dance well and be entertaining at the same time. Dancers can use props in their dance if the theme inspires them!

Allowable Moves

Go with what your theme inspires you!

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Specific Judging Criteria

We're looking for fun and entertainment that is goes with the chosen theme.

While this is still a dance competition, a couple that dances immaculately but without any theme will not make it past the heats! By incorporating a theme we expect to see a few 'spontaneous moments of creativity' aka mistakes that are consistent with a couple's theme.

This is a freestyle event where choreographed sequences will not go down well with the judges.


Competitors will be given one song chosen specifically to allow them to apply their theme without the genre or mood of the song being too dominant.