Refresh Dance Weekend


Judging Rules

We have a number of categories that are open to every competitor:

  • Dance with a Stranger: Levels 1 - 4
  • Freestyle: Levels 1 - 4
  • Levelled Lucky Dip: 3 groups
  • Battle of the Themes

In Levelled Lucky Dip we divide all the competitors into three groups based on MJPI points. Competitors are randomly assigned a dancer within their level.

As well as the above categories we'll also have a few others that make up our Team Challenges for our 6 Refresh Teams.

The Teams of Refresh

If we're not competing then the next best thing is to cheer someone else on and give lots of encouragement. So for Refresh 23 we're putting everyone into teams made up of all the competitors.

Each competitor will be randomly assigned to a team. You'll probably know a number of your team mates but chances are there'll be a few whom you've never met or danced with before.

Teams nominate couples / triples to represent them in a number of Team Challenges selected from (but not limited to) the following categories:

The Team Events

The Team events are:

  • Broken Wing
  • Infinity
  • Music Mashup
  • Partner Blind
  • Steals
  • Tight Spot
  • Triples

But, you can't enter them all! Competitors will be limited to how many team challenges they can enter so there's a bit of strategy involved as to who enters which challenge to represent the team.

Team Challenges are open level straight finals held throughout the day on Saturday and Sunday. The team that gains the most points/placings will be the winners.

Competition results from Refresh can be found on the Modern Jive Points Index website: