Our aim is to create a safe and friendly environment where people can enjoy a great night out. Each venue has a Venue Manager (their name is at the bottom of the timetable sign near reception) whose role is to run the class or event for Fevah Modern Jive

We encourage anyone who is not feeling safe or comfortable to speak up. Here are some tips and pointers to help:

  • Dancing should be fun and safe for everyone. Speak up if something makes you feel uncomfortable.
  • If you have a great night, tell your friends, if you don't, tell our crew.
  • You can't dance the same way with everyone. It is important to understand each person's dance level and how well you know each other. Speak up if your partner makes you feel uncomfortable. 
  • Respect your partner and their boundaries, don't do any moves, or intimate touching that could make them feel uncomfortable.
  • Respect your dance partners and take care of your personal hygiene – brush your teeth, have a shower, wear antiperspirant and wear clean clothing.
  • Leaders: even if you have danced with someone before, today is a new day. Respect that they might be tired or injured and ask for permission before doing challenging moves.
  • Followers: feel empowered at the start of a dance to say "no dips or drops please, I'm tired/injured/not up to it tonight".
  • If you are waiting for a dance with someone, please don't follow them around the dance floor. Wait until between songs to ask them.
  • Don't apologise for feeling uncomfortable, everybody is different, and only you know how something makes you feel.
  • Don't assume the worst. If something happens once and you address it, try to deal with it in a nice and friendly way, it might have been an accident. If it happens again you may need to talk to a member of our crew.

Creating a Safe & Friendly Environment

What To Do If You're Feeling Uncomfortable or Have a Complaint