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Culture & Values

Our aim is to provide a fun, comfortable environment for you to learn to dance, listen to some great music and enjoy the company of others. We pride ourselves on having a really nice bunch of people coming along regularly to our classes who all share our culture and values.

Skills Check

Dancing is a physical activity with the potential for injury. To reduce the chances of injury we have Skills Checks to help check dancers are ready for the next level up and to promote a safe environment.

All dancers must make the safety and well-being of their partner a priority.


Our aim is to create a safe and friendly environment where people can enjoy a great night out. Alot of people come to our classes and events! Occasionally someone comes into our environment and does not behave appropriately, please read our DanceSafe section for more:

We encourage participation

It's much more fun to join in rather than sit on the side and watch. Do you like people watching you? Probably not!

  • We're all about participation. Watching won't give you a feel for what a fun and rewarding experience Modern Jive classes can be.
  • If you want to know what a class is like then come and join in and have a try. If you don't enjoy it or want to leave then we will happily refund you the cost of the class.
  • If you've missed the beginning of the class, it's ok to have a quick peek but then we ask that you either join in or come back another time.
  • Most people who come along to our classes have never danced before and their first Modern Jive class is often their first ever dance class. This can be a bit daunting and is made worse if they sense someone they don't know is watching their every move!
  • Feel free to talk to the venue manager if you have a special requirement (there's a sign at each venue showing who the venue manager is).
We give encouragement...

...rather than unsolicited advice,

We all have different approaches and different speeds of learning when faced with something new. There are many aspects to learning the lead and follow roles and it's best to let someone focus on one or two aspects rather than trying to get them to get everything right.

  • We want people to feel great regardless of whether they get it right or wrong.
  • It's better to give people encouragement or be the best lead or follow that you can. No matter how good intentioned, there is nothing worse than being given unsolicited advice or feedback on what we should be doing - it can be crushing!
  • While we all want to help the newer dancers, often they receive conflicting advice as they go round the class. It is best to let them listen to the teacher, smile and help only when they ask for it.
We respect the privacy of others

While it's great to be able to share our experiences with friends or family we respect the private lives of dancers and crew.

  • We do not record any classes without the permission of both the venue manager and the teacher.
  • We avoid public discussion of people's private lives both at class and on our social media groups.
  • When videoing or taking photos have as few people in the background as possible, if need be go to a corner of the room out of the way of other dancers and check with the venue manager when is the best time.