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📧 August News 📧

Kia ora Everyone,

We're finally coming out of Winter - hooray! - with longer days - yahoo! - and approaching our third awesome Christchurch based dance weekend of the year - bring it on!! The weekend will be full of great activities for you including parties, workshops and an optional competition on each day. Put this in your diary:

Refresh Dance Weekend
1 - 3 October
At the Papa Hou, Christchurch Central YMCA

🐤 Early bird prices end this Sunday! So even if you're just looking at attending the social events then you can get a Socials Only pass.

Then again, you don't have to wait until October for more of our great social dance opportunities. We also have two parties coming up this month and another workshop. See below for more details.

Our dancing in the community continues with a planned visit to Summerset Retirement Home in Wigram where we've been invited to provide a bit of entertainment for the residents.

Keep dancing, keep smiling,
Matt & Deb

♻️ Refresh Dance Weekend ♻️

We have something for everyone from parties and workshops through to competitions.

For the first time we have a couple of workshops that are geared towards dance health, more specifically:

  • lower limb biomechanics, presented by a top dance podiatrist
  • strength, preparation & injury prevention presented by a physiotherapist

Both of these workshop presenters have experience with Modern Jive and are keen to provide us with helpful, relevant, dance specific information.

At the two dance parties we'll have performances from top Modern Jive dancers from around NZ as part of the competition activities. Note: you do not need to enter the competition to attend the dance parties and watch the performance 🙂

Early bird prices end this Sunday so book now!

In the event that the weekend has to be cancelled due to COVID etc we'll give full refunds (or even if you have any other reason to cancel)


🏆 Competition Tips, Tricks & Strategies 🏆

Join James for a two hour workshop geared to get the most out of competing. We spend many hours preparing for, travelling to and participating in competitions, why? Because they're FUN and exciting!

  • Date: Sat, 9 Oct 2021
  • Time: 4:30 PM - 6:30 PM
  • Venue: C3 Centre

🥳 OMJ Dance Party 21 Aug 🥳

Everyone is welcome at OMJ classes and events however the music is what makes OMJ nights stand out. There'll be a lot more recent chart hits and an overall slower groove.

There'll be a mixer class at 8:30pm with freestyle dancing from 9pm. Note the different times from our regular parties!!

  • Date: Sat, 11 Sep 2021
  • Time: 8:30 PM - Midnight
  • Venue: C3 Centre

✨ Fevah Dance Party 28 Aug ✨

👉 Winter times! Doors open 7:15pm with our fun mixer class for all levels starting at 7:30pm to get in the swing of the evening and meet other dancers.

Earn rewards by arriving before 7:40pm, parties also count towards your monthly total 🙂

There's no theme just lots of great dance music throughout the night with your regular favourites, feel free to send us any song requests 🎵

☕🎂🍪 Bring your own water bottle to refill. Tea, coffee, hot choc and slice provided.

  • Date: Sat, 28 Aug 2021
  • Time: 7:30 PM - 11:00 PM
  • Venue: C3 Centre

🕺 Private Lessons 💃

We're getting more enquiries about private lessons with our teachers so we've created a page to help you get in touch with them (many of them are also on Facebook).

Reasons people book private lessons include:

  • Improve technique and styling
  • Fast track to intermediate level
  • Boost confidence
  • Improve timing and musicality
  • Competition preparation

📅 Events Calendar 📅

Our Event Calendar is very handy for seeing what's coming up so you can plan your weekends well in advance.

The link below will take you to our website.

If you're ever stuck trying to remember our website, just put "Fevah Calendar" into your favourite search engine and you'll see us right at the top. In fact you can put anything related to us after Fevah and the results will steer you in the right direction.


📢 Keep up-to-date 📢

Dancers not on Facebook can keep up-to-date with what's going on with our subscriptions. We'll send you interesting posts from our various Facebook groups.

You can also get updates about our big events too and our social groups such as Girls@Fevah and Men@Fevah.

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🌏 Outside Fevah 🌏

Dancing in the community

Please come and help us entertain! Dancers of all levels are welcome. We love helping out in the community and this month we're dancing at a retirement home in Wigram. Many of the residents used to dance when they were younger and we've been asked to dance for them.

  • Sunday August 22nd, 2pm - 2:45pm
  • Summerset at Wigram, 135 Awatea Road.

The floor is 9m x 9m, lino on concrete. Please let us know if you're interested. These kind of events are always so rewarding for everyone and it's a pleasure to be able to help out.

Simply iDance Weekend

A dance weekend comprising workshops, fun competition and this year there'll be a spectacular medieval ball at Te Papa!

This event is very well run and popular with Fevah dancers.

22 - 25 October, 2021, Wellington

Simply iDance
28 Sep 2021 01:37:28