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Fevah Level 3 Newsletter

Hi Everyone,

Are you busting to get back to dance classes yet?

Can you believe we haven't had dance classes for over 6 weeks! Over the last ten years we've aimed to have a class or dance event every week of the year, this is the longest break in our fifteen year history (there was only a 2 week break after the February 2011 earthquakes).

Classes will remain closed until we reach Level 1 when group dance classes are allowable under the required public health measures.

This period has given us time to reflect on what we miss the most from dancing. Despite many people having a dance partner within their bubble it seems we have spent very little time dancing.

Through our regular posts and live videos on the Fevah and OMJ Facebook groups it turns out that what we miss most is you - all the dancers we share our evenings with at the various locations around Christchurch.

  • What do you miss the most or what are you looking forward to most when we return?
  • Will your ability to attend dance classes be affected by loss of work / income? If so, then we'd like to help you out.

Looking forward to seeing you all at some point,
Keep moving, keep smiling,
Deb and Matt

Cabin Fevah

Every day is one step closer to getting back to dancing when the Alert Level reaches Level 1, so let's prepare ourselves for when we're on the dance floor again.

Social media has enabled us to keep in touch with many dancers over the last few weeks using live video as part of our Cabin Fevah series on our Fevah Modern Jive, Chch group on Facebook. Request to join the group and you can see all the saved videos there. We also have a few tips on our website that may help:

  • Keeping in touch
  • Physical health
  • The mental game
  • Personal development / growth

OMJ Winter Weekend

At the start of lockdown we planned to make a decision about whether to still run the Winter Weekend in July by the end of April but now we feel we need to leave the decision to the end of May.

The recent transition to Level 3 and the reduction of Covid-19 in New Zealand is encouraging to the point that the Winter Weekend is looking promising.

We've also extended the early bird registration date from the end of April to the end of May so no need to rush to make any bookings.

31 May 2020 18:23:15