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📧 July News and Updates 📧

Kia ora Everyone,

Will we see you at dancing again soon? We certainly hope so! It is so good for you. We have so much happening for you to choose from over the next few months starting with our 80's dance party this Saturday followed by the annual Winter Weekender the following week now in its fifth year.

Coming up on our August and September calendar, we have two great workshops covering all 24 beginner moves. We used to do this many years ago and we've had requests to do this again. Ideal if you want a refresher after you've taken a break, or if you have missed a couple of moves along the way and want to cover them all, or if you want to try the opposite lead/follow role without having to do lots of classes that way. Do the workshop in rotation or with a fixed partner, but bookings are essential to keep numbers even.

It's great to see so many people earning credits with their reward points. Have you claimed yours? We're also looking for people to help with chairs on Wednesday so you can earn more rewards - talk to Deb or reply to this email 🙂

Preliminary info on our exciting newest event - Refresh Dance Weekend - 1-3 October - is now available. Plus see below for other events outside of Fevah.

✨ 80's Dance Party 17 Jul ✨

👉 Winter times! Doors open 7:15pm with our fun mixer class for all levels starting at 7:30pm to get in the swing of the evening and meet other dancers.

80's music! What more can we say, the decade that saw huge growth in a wide range of pop music loved the world over. Feel free to send us any song requests 🎵

Break out the shoulder pads and leg warmers! If you feel inspired to wear 80's fashion you will be in the running for a prize for best dressed. Costumes are optional though.

☕🎂🍪 Bring your own water bottle to refill. Tea, coffee, hot choc and slice provided.


❄️ Winter Weekender ❄️

Do you:

  • want to learn something new or consolidate your dance skills?
  • want to get lots of social dancing in with people from here and around NZ?
  • want to go to Hanmer and soak in the pools and have dinner Sunday evening?

All this and more is happening at our Winter Weekender hosted by our Wednesday OMJ crew and everyone is welcome to attend.


♻️ Refresh Dance Weekend ♻️

There's something exciting coming to Christchurch in the first weekend of October....

We want to try a new take on workshops and competition with a good dose of social dancing and activities. So we are Refreshing our event format and aiming to Refresh your love of dance 🙂


💡 Fevah Tip - Making the most of Beginner Classes 💡

While we all want to help the newer dancers, often they receive conflicting advice as they go round the class. It is best to smile and help only when they ask for it.

If you really want to help, the best thing you can do is allow them to listen to everything the teacher says and give plenty of encouragement for what they are doing right. The teacher and taxis can work on the rest later.

In beginner classes there's always room to improve our own dancing before trying to fix somebody else's:

  • Focus on improving your posture through the whole dance
  • Work on having accurate timing
  • Concentrate on lead/follow technique - maybe learn the opposite role?
  • Observe the teacher and demo's styling variations
  • Practise the suggested footwork (right-left for leads, left-right for follows)

💃 Gender at Class 🕺

Where does gender fit in at class these days? The short answer is - it doesn't - at least not anymore.

Women have been learning the lead role for decades in dance classes so it was only a matter of time before it became more acceptable for men to learn the follow role. It is actually a very educational experience to improve your dancing to see how the other role works. But coupled with this is also the need to respect people's preferences / boundaries.

In our rotational group classes men are not obliged to dance with other men and similarly women are not obliged to dance with other women. Furthermore women don't have to dance with every man and vice versa!

As this is still relatively new we encourage men who are learning the follow role to ask:

  • "ask you ok to go through the moves with me or do want to watch what's going on?"

It's preferable to ask a question with two positive options rather than a question with just a yes/no answer.

We've discussed this topic at our Men @ Fevah meetings where there are a number of men who do not want to dance with other men but at the same time they are comfortable with men learning the follow role. They're not homophobic it's just a personal preference they're allowed to express.

🌏 Beyond Fevah 🌏

Jive & Thrive

The concept of Jive & Thrive is to provide an awesomely fun weekend for the modern jive community in which to thrive!

13 - 15 August, 2021, Queenstown Memorial Centre, Queenstown


Simply iDance Weekend

A dance weekend popular with Fevah and other dance studios comprising workshops, fun competition and this year there'll be a spectacular medieval ball at Te Papa!

22 - 25 October, 2021, Wellington

Simply iDance

🤸 Dance and Circus Arts 🤸

Saturday 31 July, Christchruch Circus Centre, New Brighton

This is a charity show with all proceeds going towards curating care packs for the Christchurch City Mission's emergency shelters.

We have a number of dancers performing with the other groups - they would love to see you there and perform for you 🙂

The cost is only $25 + booking fee of $2.32 if booking online. Door sales are possible if there are spaces left - there is limited availability so ideally book through the event.

The link below will work even if you do not have a Facebook account, you'll see more info about the event including getting tickets.

24 Jul 2021 12:48:34