Thursday has a wide range of music from 80's through to current chart hits - think of The Breeze and More FM. It has a lively atmosphere with between 70 and 110 people of all ages.

  • C3 Centre, 269 Hills Road, Shirley

Located within the C3 Centre, this is our longest running venue and has always been popular with our dancers. Parking is convenient with over 100 parking spaces in the venue car park. This is also where we hold our monthly dance parties. See below for a map and more info.

We have access to water but there are no (or very few) cups at the venue. So please bring a named water bottle with you.

Beginner Class

Thursday Intermediates

Coaching Session

Social Dancing

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C3 Centre

  • 269 Hills Road, Shirley
  • Either enter from Hills Road, the entrance is about 400 metres from the junction with Warrington Street and Shirley Road, or enter by the rear entrance on Crosby Street.
  • There are over 100 parking spaces in the car park.
  • The entrance to the building is from the car park.