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Fun social dance classes

Located within the C3 Centre, Shirley, this venue has a great feel and is also where we hold our monthly dance parties. There are over 100 parking spaces available (map below).

Thursday is our most popular night with usually over 100 people of all ages regularly attending. There is water but no cups at the venue so please bring a named water bottle with you.


We start with the basics followed by learning a few moves which you can immediately start to use in your social dancing.

You can start any week at any venue. Included in the evening is a 30 minute review session to ask questions and get one to one assistance.

7:25 Easy warmup
7:30 Beginner Class
8:15 Social dancing and practice
8:30 Review with the Taxi dancers.

We want everyone to have fun and be safe at our dance classes. To help with this we have a skills check that we ask everyone to pass before joining an intermediate class.

We teach 2-3 moves, one of which may be repeated from the previous week. We include extra technique points to help with safety and style.

After the class is a review with the teacher to ask questions and get one to one assistance.

8:30 Intermediate Class
9:00 Intermediate Review with the teacher.
Coaching Session

Experienced Dancers - get some direct one on one feedback to improve your dancing without booking a whole private lesson. We work as group, play with moves and style, but is more self directed learning with a teacher around to advise.

This is designed to be what you want it to be. Come along and get in on the action.

6:45 - 7:15 Coaching Session
Social Dancing
Social Dancing

It's party time as we turn the lights down, hit the dance floor to have some fun and put it all into practice. Social dancing is a great way to meet other people and get fit.

9:00 Dance, socialise, watch
10:15 Finish

We encourage everyone to ask each other to dance, sometimes this can be a little daunting but there's no pecking order or bias - leads ask follows and follows ask leads. Check out our...

C3 Centre
  • 269 Hills Road, Shirley
  • Either enter from Hills Road, the entrance is about 400 metres from the junction with Warrington Street and Shirley Road, or enter by the rear entrance on Crosby Street.
  • There are over 100 parking spaces in the car park.
  • The entrance to the building is from the car park.
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