Fri 20 April: Fancy Freestyle Friday @ Avonhead

Wed 25 April: Anzac Day - class is on

Tuesday has a range of music from the 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's and so generally we get an older crowd coming along. It has a lively atmosphere with between 60 and 80 people mostly aged 35 - 60.

  • Christchurch South Intermediate School, 204 Selwyn Street, Sydenham

We have use of the staff car park and there is plenty of parking on Selwyn Street either side of the school entrance. See below for a map and more info. The venue has air conditioning but we don't have access to kitchen facilities so a named water bottle is handy.

Once a month we often have a longer period of social dancing. There will still be a beginner class and review but no intermediate class and freestyle starting from 8:15pm.

Our next date is: To be confirmed

Fevah Feet

A fun mini class to improve your timing and getting the feet moving to the beat by learning a few simple footwork sequences.

  • 7pm - 7:20


Beginners Class

The Beginner class is where it all starts. We start with our basic hand hold and connection followed by learning a few moves. Start any week as there's no course or term.

7.25Easy warmup
7.30 Beginner Class
8.15Social dancing and practice
8.30Beginners review with the Taxi dancers.

Video Class moves this week (Tue, 17 Apr):

Beginner Review

The Beginners Review is included in the evening, it's 30 minutes long and is a great opportunity to ask questions and get one to one assistance.


Intermediate Class

We want everyone to have fun and be safe at our dance classes. To help with this we have a Dance WoF (Warrant of Fitness) that we ask everyone to pass before joining an intermediate class.

8.30Intermediate Class
9.00Intermediate review to 9.15. Get one to one help, learn extra style and advanced tips directly from the teacher.
  • We teach 2-3 moves, one of which may be repeated from the previous week.
  • We'll include extra technique points to help with safety and style.
  • There are 20 base moves and technique points that are often included each class.

Intermediate Review

The Intermediate Review happens immediately after the class and is taken by the class teacher. It's approximately 15 minutes long and is a great opportunity to ask questions and get one to one assistance.

There is no intermediate class when we have an extended freestyle night; instead we may have a summary of the previous weeks moves. Check the announcements at class for more details.

Social Dancing

Social dancing / freestyle is the time to have some fun and put it all into practice. We turn the lights down and the volume up for party time!

8:15 - 8:30Easy tempo, shorter songs
9:00 - 10pmGreat music variety!

We encourage everyone to ask each other to dance, sometimes this can be a little daunting but our culture is to accept invitations to dance and there's no pecking order!

We have our own Facebook group for dancers who regularly attend Tuesdays.

Chch South Intermediate

  • 204 Selwyn Street, Sydenham
  • From Brougham Street turn south into Selwyn Street. After 200m turn left where the road curves to the right becoming Coronation Street (where the famous TV series is made - not!)
  • There is plenty of parking on Selwyn Street on either side of the school entrance.
  • Go through the main gate, the hall is on the left. Enter by the main foyer.