Modern Jive Points Index

The MJPI comprises four levels with points corresponding to each level. Level 1 for the least experienced competitors and Level 4 for the top competitors.

Level Description Points
1 Newcomer / Beginner 0 - 59
2 Intermediate 60 - 249
3 Experienced / Early Advanced 250 - 499
4 Advanced / Champion 500 and over

Points are added when you:

  • first join the MJPI (starting points)
  • compete in competition (competing points)
  • move up a level (elevating points)

If a competitor is in a level where they are no longer likely to make it through the first round we can move them down a level to help them have a better competing experience.

Starting Points

We help you find your starting points and level when you first join for a particular dance role. The MJPI supports different points and levels for each role.

Lead or Follow?

Leading and following can be quite different skills. Some dancers prefer to lead others prefer to follow and there are some who are ambidancetrous.

Starting Level

Your starting points and level is mainly performance based (how well you dance) rather than time based (how long you have been dancing or which classes you attend).

Competing Points

This is main way you'll get points.

With the MJPI the number of points you earn depends on how far you progress in an event, this means that you earn points at every competition you enter.

You can earn points in three different ways for each competition category you compete in:

  • Entering
  • Progressing
  • Placing
1. Entry Points
Everyone gets these just by entering!
We figure that turning up and giving it a go deserves some merit so the entry points recognise the experience you gain just by being there
You don't have to win a trophy or medal to keep growing as dancer
2. Progression Points
Some categories are huge and have pre-quarter finals where getting to the semi-final is still a big achievement, whereas other categories could be a straight final
We want reward you for getting through each round and making progress through the competition!
Affiliated competitions only (see below)
3. Placing Points
Finally, if you make it up onto the podium then we give you a few more points for placing
There must be be a minimum number of entries otherwise Entry Points apply

These points are added together to give your total for each category you enter:

Total Points = Entry + Progress + Placing

If you enter a number of categories only the one with the most points will count towards your total - this is called the Highest Points Path.

The dual role support means that you can have a separate Highest Points Path for leading and following πŸ™‚

Affiliated vs Non-Affiliated

Only affiliated competitions have progression points. This is because the MJPI extracts information from the competition scoring system to keep a note of how far you progress in each round.

Entry Points βœ”οΈ βœ”οΈ
Progress Points βœ”οΈ ❌
Placing Points βœ”οΈ βœ”οΈ
Elevating Points

When you earn enough points you can elevate to the next level. After elevating your points score will reset to the base points of that new level for the next competition.

There are some conditions which are explained in more detail below.

Elevating to Level 2

Level 1 represents the newer and intermediate dancers. You can move up to Level 2 by earning 60 points to reach Level 2.

Level Starting Points
2 60

Since you earn points just by entering you could elevate to Level 2 without ever progressing or placing in any category.

Elevating to Levels 3 & 4

To maintain the higher standard at these levels, a competitor may need to have a certain number of Qualifying Placing Points at their current level in order to elevate.

For elevating to Level 3 these are optional - you choose whether you need them or not. If you want them to be optional then you can move up as soon as you have enough points to get you into Level 3.

Qualifying placing points are earned from,

  • Affiliated competitions
  • Tier 1 categories: DWAS or Freestyle
Level Starting Points Qualifying Placing Points
3 250 25 optional
4 500 50 required