The MJPI comprises four levels with points corresponding to each level. Level 1 for the least experienced competitors and Level 4 for the top competitors.

1Newcomer / Beginner0 - 59
2Intermediate60 - 249
3Experienced / Early Advanced250 - 499
4Advanced / Champion500 and over

Points are added when you:

  • first join the MJPI
  • compete in competition
  • move up a level

If a competitor is in a level where they are no longer likely to make it through the first round we can move them down a level to help them have a better competing experience.

Joining the MJPI

We help you find your starting points and level when you first join for a particular dance role.

The MJPI supports different points and levels for each role.

πŸ“£ You can join as a Lead and/or as a Follow!

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Points From Competing

This is main way you'll get points.

With the MJPI the number of points you earn depends on how far you progress in an event, this means that:

πŸ“£ You earn points at every competition you enter!

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Moving Up A level (Elevating)

When you earn enough points you can elevate to the next level. After elevating your points score will reset to the base points of that new level for the next competition.

Specific Level Requirements
More Information

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