There are four levels with Level 1 being for the least experienced competitors and Level 4 for the top competitors. Elevation to the next level is based on performace at competitions rather length of time dancing.

LevelDancer / Competitor
1Newcomer / Beginner
3Experienced / Early Advanced
4Advanced / Champion

There will be an appropriate starting point for each dancer when they first join the Points Index, after that there are a number of ways to gain further points for both Affiliated and Non-Affiliated competitions:

At a glance here are the points corresponding to each level.

LevelBasic PointsQualifying Placing Points
10 - 59 -
260 - 249 -
3250 - 49925 (earned while in Level 2)
4500 and over50 (earned while in Level 3)

Continue reading below for more information.


Most points systems tend to award points when a competitor places in a final.

The MJPI aims to give competitors a sense of progress and so points are earned every time you compete at a competition (see Background for an explanation on how the MJPI came about).

You can earn points in three different ways for each category you compete in: enter, progress and place.

  • Entry Points - enter the competition (available regardless of how many entries there are in a given category).
  • Progression Points - progress through subsequent rounds of a category (affiliated competitions only).
  • Placing Points - if you place 1st, 2nd or 3rd (only when there are a minimum of 6 entries otherwise only Entry Points apply).

The points you earn add up together to give your Basic Points:

Basic Points

= Entry Points + Progress Points + Placing Points

Summary for Affiliated and Non-Affiliated Competitions:

Entry Points Yes Yes
Progress Points Yes Yes
Placing Points Yes Yes

Points Path

Only the highest scoring category at each competition will be added to your point score.

For example you enter DWAS, Freestyle and Lucky Dip. Each category will each receive a given number of points based on how far you progressed, say:

  • DWAS = 55
  • Freestyle = 20
  • Lucky Dip = 14

Only the one with the highest score of these three will be added to your overall points score, so in this example you will receive 55 points at that competition.

Elevating to the Next Level

Elevating - Moving Up a Level

Levels 1 & 2 represent the newer and intermediate social dancers / competitors. A competitor can move up to Level 2 just by earning enough Basic Points.

Since you get points each time you enter a competition it would be possible to elevate to Levels 3 & 4 without ever progressing nor placing in any category.

To maintain the higher standard of Levels 3 & 4, a competitor may need to have a certain number of Qualifying Placing Points in order to move up to the next level.

Qualifying Placing Points

Earned from a Tier 1 cateogry (i.e. DWAS or Freestyle) at an affiliated competition.

LevelBasic PointsQualifying Placing Points
10 - 59 -
260 - 249 -
3250 - 49925 (earned while in Level 2)
4500 and over50 (earned while in Level 3)

After Elevating

After elevating the points score will reset to the base points of that new level for the next competition. e.g. If you are at Level 1 and score 75 points at a competition, you will start the next competition as Level 2 with a point score of 60.