Modern Jive Points Index
Points and Levels

The MJPI comprises four levels with points corresponding to each level. Level 1 for the least experienced competitors and Level 4 for the top competitors.

1Newcomer / Beginner0 - 59
2Intermediate60 - 249
3Experienced / Early Advanced250 - 499
4Advanced / Champion500 and over
Points When You Join

When you join the MJPI you start with a certain number of points and we'll help you find the right level for you when you sign up.

Leading and following are regarded as separate roles to allow competitors to make progress in each role, so a Level 3 dancer who normally leads can enter as a Level 1 follow.

Points When Compete

You earn points at every competition you enter. You get points for:

  • Entering
  • Progressing
  • Placing

These are added together to give your total for each category you enter:

Total = Entry Points + Progress Points + Placing Points

Each category you enter for a competiton will receive points based on how far you progress.

Highest Points Path

If you enter a number of categories the category with the most points will count. Each role - lead / follow - is treated separately. The path through a category that gives you your points is called the Highest Points Path.

Highest Points Path Example
Moving Up A level

Elevation to the next level is based on performance at competitions than the length of time spent dancing or which class you attend. You also elevate independently for leading and following.

When you get enough points you can elevate to the next level. After elevating your points score will reset to the base points of that new level for the next competition.

There are some conditions which are explained in more detail below.

Elevating to Level 2

Level 1 represents the newer and intermediate dancers. You can move up to Level 2 by earning 60 points to reach Level 2.

LevelStarting Points

Since you earn points just by entering you could elevate to Level 2 without ever progressing or placing in any category.

Elevating to Levels 3 & 4

To maintain the higher standard at these levels, a competitor may need to have a certain number of Qualifying Placing Points at their current level in order to elevate.

For elevating to Level 3 these are optional - you choose whether you need them or not. If you want them to be optional then you can move up as soon as you have enough points to get you into Level 3.

Qualifying placing points are earned from,

  • Affiliated competitions
  • Tier 1 categories: DWAS or Freestyle
Level Starting Points Qualifying Placing Points
3 250 25 optional
4 500 50 required