Modern Jive Points Index

Points Tables

Levels Starting Round

Follow the steps below to calculate the number of points you will be allocated.

  1. Select the table for the relevant category, e.g. DWAS is Tier 1, Steals is Tier 3.
  2. Locate the column depending on whether the Starting Round was a Pre-quarter, Quarter, Semi or straight Final.
  3. Look down the column for the last round you danced, i.e. whether you progressed and/or placed.

Affilated Competitions

Affiliated competitions track a competitor's progress through each round.

Tier 1 Categories

Freestyle, DWAS

 Points round starts at:
Last round dancedPre-qtrQuarterSemiFinal
Final, no place55352010
3rd place85604025
2nd place90654530
1st place100755540
Tier 2 Categories

Age Based (40+, etc), Aerials/Open, Music Mashup

 Points round starts at:
Last round dancedPre-qtrQuarterSemiFinal
Final, no place2818105
3rd place43302013
2nd place45332315
1st place50382820
Tier 3 Categories

Other categories including Teams and Showcases

 Points round starts at:
Last round dancedPre-qtrQuarterSemiFinal
Final, no place171163
3rd place2618128
2nd place2720149
1st place30231712


The points in the tables are totals, e.g. if you placed then the points in the table cell for your placing is = Entry + Progression + Placing.

Orange = Entry points only
Yellow = Entry points + Progression points
Persimmon = Entry points + Progression points + Placing points

Non-Affilated Competitions

Non-affiliated competitions do not track a competitor's progress through each round and so the only points available are Entry and Placing points - Progression points are zero.

All Categories
Entry/PlaceTier 1Tier 2Tier 3
3rd place25138
2nd place30159
1st place402012


Orange = Entry points only
Persimmon = Entry points + Placing points

Minimum number of entries

If there are fewer than the minimum number of entries in a category then only Entry Points will apply.

Category Minimum Entries
Teams 3
Showcases 3
All Others 6