Modern Jive Points Index



The main feature of the MJPI is that dancers earn points based on how far they progress through a competition round.

There are four competition levels for main events such as freestyle but there is no restriction on the range and number of categories that a competition can offer in addition. Affiliation only determines how points are awarded to competitors.

Competition Requirements

In order to be affiliated a competition must satisfy the following:

  • Competitors must be allowed to enter one level of Freestyle and Dance With A Stranger.
  • The heat structure must ensure that if the top 3 entries of a category are in the same heat of the first round then all 3 must be able to reach the final.

Benefits of Affiliation

Being affiliated means that the competitions have certain aspects in common with each other:

  • Competitors experience consistent and logical progression
  • Tracking of competitors' performance
  • User friendly scoring/scrutineering system