This website, the one you're viewing now, is probably the purest and least intrusive of any website you'll visit today. Many websites have content where it is hard to tell differentiate between the actual and advertising (also known as third party) content. Websites, especially media and link bait driven sites, use online advertising and sponsored links to generate revenue at the expense of the user experience.

We do not have any:

  • Search engine Ads or any other ads.
  • Sponsored links or content.
  • Tracking cookies.

Our website is our online home: we don't put up advertisements in our real home so we don't have them in our online home.

Fast and Responsive

The absence of other people's junk on our website means that it's super fast. All the content comes from the one webserver based here in New Zealand. Our home page is lighter and faster to load than Google's main search page.

Light on Mobile Data

We're light on your mobile data too again for the same reasons above. We also don't use images and videos at resolutions any larger than they need to be.

Pure Maps

We use Open Street Map (OSM) instead of Google Maps. OSM allows for secure connections and will not infect you with 3rd party cookies. Any website that uses Google Maps is contributing to people tracking YOU.

No Fraudulent Ads and Links

Search engines do not check the honesty or integrity of the websites they list. This has a follow on effect that ANY website that uses Google Ads and such like is clueless as to the integrity of what else is on their webpage.

You are taking a risk whenever you click on:

  • a search engine result.
  • an online advertisement.
  • a sponsored link.

Google has been accused of profiting from fraudulent websites according to an article in the UK's Times newspaper (we did have the link but the article has since disappeared)

Install Ad blocking software - it's really satisfying seeing just how many ads are being blocked and it's even more satisfying seeing that we don't have any!

IP Address Tracking

Every website has access to your Internet Protocol (IP) address. Your IP address can help to identify you as an individual and track your online behaviour. Here's your IP Address:


If you have a fibre connection you are likely to have a static IP address which means it doesn't change. This is great for tracking companies!

Other internet connections tend to usa a dynamic IP address which is allocated when your modem connects to your service provider. Tip: restart your modem to get a new IP address.

Third Party Cookies

Third party cookies are packets of data stored on your computer from web sites you have not visited but have been allowed to access your computer through a website you have visited. They help advertisers and other companies track and monitor your browsing behaviour on the internet. We do not employ third party cookies anywhere on our site.


With Chrome, the cookie image with the red cross informs me that the webpage, in this case the homepage, was blocked from setting cookies,

3rd party info

And here is the list of the cookies that were blocked,

3rd party party


Disable third party cookies in your browser settings. All browsers have these enabled by default, we think this pretty underhand. Third party cookies are invasive and unnecessary for all but a handful of websites.