Our private and personal data is held by a multitude of organisations. Breaches of security, phishing and identity theft are real issues that need to be guarded against.

Privacy Policy

We will only use your details to keep you up to date with our activities and internal statistical measures. We will not sell or distribute your details to any other party. You may unsubscribe from our emails at any time.

We will not give out your personal details to other people or organisations. Similarly, please do not ask us for another dancer's details because we will not give them to you. If you need someone's details then please ask them in person. We also do not pass messages between dancers.

Cookie Policy

Cookies are small files associated with websites and are stored on a computer by a web browser. We use cookies to improve your online experience. Our cookies are encrypted and protected against tampering.

Your Name and Lifestyle Online

Before the internet if you were a member of any club or organisation only other members would know about you and your escapades at the club.

The internet has allowed information to be more readily available and searchable. At first this seem great, so much we can find out without having to go to a library. Then there came spam emails from Nigeria and now cybercrime under many guises, a couple are given below:

  • Phishing - attempts by baddies to obtain your personal information in order to do bad stuff to you like get into your email, bank account etc.
  • Whaling - attempts by baddies to obtain personal information of Big Fish such as company bosses, public figures, people with power in order to do bad stuff to lots of people.

Our Web App is about restricting the amount of your information available to everyone else. The table below shows how:

No InternetWith Internet
Normal AccessWeb App
Club Newsletter
Club Notices
Champs Results
 = Global i.e. anyone with internet access, trolls, stalkers, dirtbags, identity thieves, perps, FBI, CIA, reporters, neighbours, twitter users, people who don't put the cap back on the toothpaste tube etc.
 = Other members
 = Private, just me

Safety Online

Encryption - https v. http

Our entire website is configured to use a secure connection. We started using encryption even before major social media companies decided to. Most web browsers also show a padlock to show that the connection is secure such as when you use online banking.

Never trust a website that asks you to enter an email address or any other information over an unsecured connection.

Digital Storage

Your details are stored on password protected databases. Contract staff including teachers and front desk crew do not have access to your details.

We guard against the two most common forms of hacking: script attacks by checking user input and url information; and SQL injection by using parameterised queries.

Passwords are hashed and stored with a unique salt for each user, the salt is changed whenever a user changes their password.