Fun social dance classes
Modern Jive

Modern Jive is a social partner dance that is one of the easiest partner dance styles to learn. It can be danced anywhere where music is playing: parties, weddings, gigs, dance events, bars, nightclubs and so on.

As a dance style it borrows concepts and ideas from other styles giving it broad appeal to people of all ages and abilities. It's the SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle) of the dance world: it's versatile, convenient, affordable and popular.

  • It is relatively easy to make progress early on.
  • Dancers of different abilities can dance together at classes and social events.
  • It can be danced at a great many social functions such as parties, bars, weddings, concerts, the beach - anywhere where music is playing!
  • It's a partner dance involving at least one lead and follow.
  • Break away dancing is also possible (and enjoyable) for short periods.
  • It can be danced to a wide range of music (nearly all with a 4/4 time signature).
  • It has a looser requirements for footwork.
  • Dancers can use the tempo of a song and/or other qualities such as the melody and lyrics.