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Key Tags

We offer you barcode key tags or name tags to help speed up registration at class. They're optional and free, there's even no charge for a replacement. You only need one if you want to save money by buying credits.

Your barcode tag is just a means to identify you as an individual, it doesn't store any personal information. You present it at our classes and events for fast, reliable and discrete registration.

  • Fast - speeds up class registration whether or not you use credits.
  • Accurate - no ambiguity with spelling.
  • Private - no need to give your full name.
  • You can buy credits for classes.

If you lose a tag then please let us know - this will ensure that no one else can use your credits.

Key Tags

Key tags are the most popular of the two types of tags we offer and most people think our design is the coolest one on your key ring.

About twice a year we are contacted by individuals or the police regarding lost sets of keys that have one of our barcodes attached, we can then let you know where they are!

Fastening Options
  • Put it on your keyring.
  • Attach it to your shoebag.
  • Stick it to your driving licence or other card.
Name Tags

We're totally dedicated to providing a real community where people do actually recognise and know each other. The name tags are available to enhance our passion about connecting real people in an increasingly disconnected world.

  • Name Tags help people remember your name. Add a smiley face.
  • A World First? As far as we're aware, this is the first time that people can personalise a barcoded name tag.
Fastening Options
nametag nametag
  • Standard pin fastener.
  • Magnetic fastener.
  • Attach it to your shoebag when not in use.