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To get the most out of Fevah membership services such as online bookings, viewing videos, music library, giving feedback etc. please enable access to our Web App (Wapp™).

For the latest news, social events, information and interesting videos, join one or more of our very active Facebook groups.

Facebook groups are a great way to keep in touch with what's going on. All our groups are either Closed or Secret, personally I wouldn't join a public group because the whole Facebook world can see that you're a member and what you post! Public groups are bad (IMHO) if you're concerned about phishing and identity theft then don't join a public group - see below for more information about group types.

Fevah Facebook Page

You don't have to be a member of Facebook to view Pages so feel free to take a look at ours:

Fevah Modern Jive, Chch

This our main group for all venues and events in Christchurch where we post updates, dance related stories and videos from around the web, venue changes, class information. Members can also post articles and comments. This is a closed group so you can click on the "+ join group" button to send us a membership request.

OMJ Chch

This is the group for OMJ dancers who go on Wednesday nights where you can find out more about what's happening, share music tastes, class information and videos etc. Members of the OMJ dance community are sometimes looking for like-minded people to flat with so we're happy for you to advertise flat space or if you're looking for somewhere.

This is a closed group so you can click on the "+ join group" button to send us a membership request.

Tuesday Group

This is a group for dancers who go on Tuesday nights where we post the videos from the intermediate classes and share Tuesday related information. This is a secret group. Please email us to be invited to the group.

CHCHCH: Christchurch Champs

This our group for our annual Modern Jive Championships weekend - one of the biggest modern jive events in Australasia. Definitely join if you're interested in competing!

This is a closed group so you can click on the "+ join group" button to send us a membership request.

Dos and Don'ts


  • Feel free to contribute with dance related posts, comments, suggestions etc.
  • Post the original link for videos (usually YouTube), stories, blogs etc.
  • Ask questions that others might also find useful (otherwise you can just message us in private).


  • Reveal any more personal information than is necessary. E.g. don't list your phone number, address, date of birth etc.
  • Add friends or others to the group - we just won't add them, they need to apply in person.
  • Advertise for jobs, vacancies, work (use your own wall / status).
  • Share Link bait / Click bait - use the original resource that is found on the click bait page - we hate Click bait - bleurrghh.
  • Promote other dance classes - we wouldn't do it on their group or page - it's called mutual respect.
  • Create private events for the group.

Group Types

Below is a summary of Group Types, for more information go to the Facebook website. For Closed and Secret groups we set it so that only the group Admins can add people to the group - i.e. we vet everyone who wants to join and don't just add lots of people willy-nilly to get lots of members which would put you and your privacy at risk.

Matt says "Avoid Public groups!! (Unless you're really confident about FB's privacy settings)"

Who canPublicClosedSecret
Anyone can join or be added or invited by a member
Anyone can join or be invited by a member but only added by an Admin
Anyone, but they have to be added by an Admin
see the name?
Past & present
see the members?
Only current
see what members post?
Only current
Only current
find the group in search?
Past & present
see stories about the group?
Only current
Only current
 = Global i.e. anyone with a Facebook account, trolls, stalkers, dirtbags, identity thieves, perps, FBI, CIA, reporters, neighbours, twitter users, people who don't put the cap back on the toothpaste tube etc.
 = Past and present members
 = Only current members

Connect and Share in New Zealand and Beyond

There are plenty of groups and pages on Facebook where you can keep in touch with what's going on elsewhere in the country or abroad.

If you're planning on visiting another location that has Modern Jive classes then contact the locals via FB: maybe get a lift, recommendations on somewhere to stay or simply to say you'll be at a class or party.