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We have a number of Facebook pages and groups which people use to help keep in touch with what's going on and to connect with other dancers.

Like or follow our Facebook pages if you're not currently attending classes.

Groups are more interactive with content from us and other dancers. All our groups are private (see below for more info).

Facebook Pages

Anyone with access to the internet can view Facebook pages - you don't even have to sign up to Facebook. 'Liking' or 'Following' a page is a great way to keep uptodate with what's going on without joining a group.

Fevah Modern Jive Page
We post notices such as venue changes, upcoming events etc on our pages so you can see what's going on without having to join a group.
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OMJ Dance Page
The OMJ Dance Page is for our Wednesday night class and associated events.
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Facebook Groups
Fevah Modern Jive, Chch
This our main group for all venues and events in Christchurch.
Class updates, dance related stories and videos from around the web, venue changes, class information.
Members include dancers from other Modern Jive studios who like to be involved in what we do.
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OMJ Chch
For OMJ / Wednesday related information, song requests, notices etc.
Members include dancers from other Modern Jive studios who like to be involved in what we do.
Unlike the other groups, we allow some non-dance related posts e.g. flat to let etc..
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The following groups are restricted to dancers who are currently attending classes and are therefore more private than the two groups above.

MM Fevah - Magic Mondays!
Only available for regular Monday dancers.
Still has notices and event information
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My Tuesday Happy
Only available for regular Tuesday dancers.
Still has notices and event information
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Fevah Intermediate Hub
For Fevah / OMJ intermediate class videos.
Members must have a verified email address and be regularly attending our intemediate classes.
Once someone stops attending intermediate classes they are removed from the group.
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Girls @ Fevah
This group is aimed at all the girls/ladies/females/women who dance at Fevah. We want to get to know each other, chat, support each other, answer dance related questions and enjoy afternoon/morning tea hanging out together occasionally.
Deb aims to organise a catch up, probably at a cafe, roughly at the start of each month. Please come, everybody welcome, we'd love to get to know each other a little better. Friendly faces make dancing even more fun and supportive.
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