We have a number of Facebook pages and groups which people use to help keep in touch with what's going on and to connect with other dancers.

Anyone with access to the internet can view Facebook pages - you don't even have to sign up to Facebook. 'Liking' or 'Following' a page is a great way to keep uptodate with what's going on without exposing yourself to other people on the internet.

Groups are more interactive with content not only from us but from other dancers too. All our groups are 'Private' which means people can find them but not see what is in them until they are a member.

fb Fevah Modern Jive Page
We post notices such as venue changes, upcoming events etc on our pages so you can see what's going on without having to join a group.
fb OMJ Dance Page
The OMJ Dance Page is for our Wednesday night class and associated events.

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