H.I. Initiative 📵

H.I. stands for Human Interaction and the H.I. Initiative is a proactive approach to counteract the decline of social interaction and its associated increase in social anxiety and mental health issues.

We started with the H.I. Experiment for a 6 week trial from 20 January to the end of February 2020. At the end we asked dancers if we should continue and concensus was that we should.

On Mondays we're asking dancers:

  • Please do not use your phone in the hall 📵
  • If you need to use your phone, then please go to the foyer or somewhere else
be present - talk to other dancers - have a dance!

Since 2016 we've noticed that more and more dancers on all nights, young and old, are spending more time on their device at an activity aimed at bringing people together and focussing on community.

There are many reasons to get your phone out: from seeing when the next bus is due to exchanging contact details. All we ask is that dancers go outside the main dance area to do these things.

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