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Most people who walk through our doors have never danced before. We make learning fun, enjoyable and achievable - take your time, there's no rush, enjoy the journey.

Modern Jive is one of the least intimidating partner dance styles to learn and you'll be amazed what you can accomplish in just one lesson.

Health Benefits

"It's fun and good for you!" - is one reason why so many people come to our classes and events. Dancing is good for your health in many ways:

Physical Health
Exercise without really noticing - great for fitness, weight loss, cross-training, balance, core strength.
Social Health
Be amongst other human beings! There's something special about having a great time with a bunch of other like-minded people.
Mental Health
Leave any of the day's stresses at the door and chances are they'll be gone by the end of the night.
Community Health
People who engage in a fun activity have a buzz about them that has a positive knock on effect for the rest of the community.
Leave Feeling Better

There are plenty of studies that support the benefits of dance. Probably the best evidence comes from our dancers themselves - people just feel so much better for doing it.

Whatever you're feeling, dancing can make an improvement:

happycan make you happier!
sadwill pick you up!
tiredwill invigorate you!
depressedcan help lift you up
excitedcan help you express your excitement!
boredwill give you something to do!
lacking in purposecan give you a support role with our crew!
awesomecan help you share your awesomeness!
lonelycan help you meet lots of really nice people!
unfitwill improve balance, mobility and fitness
Enhanced Social Life

Be part of the biggest social partner dance scene in Christchurch.

Modern Jive is great for dancing at bars, clubs, parties, weddings and so on. We have an active Facebook where people suggest places to go at the weekend.