"I wish I'd done this when I was younger!" - is one of the most common comments people tell us.

  • No partner needed (we rotate in the classes)
  • Two left feet welcome! (this is where we all start from)
  • Classes around Christchurch

Most people who walk through our doors have NEVER danced before and we specialise in helping people like you. We make learning fun and enjoyable - take your time, there's no rush, enjoy the journey. Sounds corny but it so happens to be very applicable to our classes.

"Our passion is sharing the joy and benefits of dancing.

We want you to feel welcome & comfortable and have a great time."

Give yourself a break - you deserve it!

Get off the couch, put down the phone, turn off the TV - dancing is such a basic human activity, has so many benefits and yet so few people especially in New Zealand are able to do it - be different, take up something that our dancers already know is so worthwhile!

Social Partner Dance

Modern Jive is a social partner dance that is renowned for being very user-friendly.


Lots of people do it: our smallest class has around 40 - 50, our busiest regular gets over 100 people.

You don't need a partner - anyone can come along and join in.


There are breakaway options but the main point is that you dance with another person (sometimes two).


Dance is movement to music - it's fun and good for you in so many ways.

Here's how various people describe Modern Jive:

"is the English language of dance. It shamelessly 'borrows' from other dance forms to make something more flexible and more fun than previously existed." - Michael

"The best weight management system while having the most fun and the only exercise I am willing to do for hours and hours." - Anita

"...It takes the best pieces of multiple dance forms chucks it through a blender and what comes out is a dance [called Modern Jive]" - Darryl

"AWESOME!!!!" - Stephen

"It's whatever you choose it to be." - Rob

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