This Year

TLDR; Everybody will dance twice in most events (no repechages)


You know how we keep trying to improve the way we run a competition, right?

Last year we gave you two songs in the first round instead of running a repechage. This allowed us more time for social dancing, which everybody loved. However, the main feedback we got was that if you've had a bad first dance or just in the wrong head space you don't have that break or pause to reset. It was too much dancing those two songs back-to-back.

So this year, for most events, you will still get to dance twice, but we will put the first song in one round and the second song in another round a bit later.

This will still take less time than the traditional repechage format, so you'll get plenty of time for social dancing.

The judges' ranks from the two rounds are combined to give an overall rank which determines who goes through to the final (or semi-final if the event has lots of entries). You can also be judged by a wider selection of judge as we can have different judges for each of the two first rounds.

How does this affect progression points for the MJPI? Judges scores will still be able to determine who progressed further and could be awarded more points.