Refresh Dance Weekend
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Dance Skills and Techniques

Presented by Vanessa Cole

Modern Jive has long been borrowing dance technique from other partner dance styles. Diversity is one of our strengths because regardless of the style, at the core of all partner dancing are two bodies working individually and together. We have plenty we can learn, explore and implement from experienced dancers and professionals in other dance styles.

This will be a Modern Jive workshop but looking at what we can implement from Vanessa's rich dance background to bring you loads of refreshing dance inspiration.

About Vanessa

Many of you will know Vanessa from the TV show "Dancing With The Stars". Not only can she teach celebrities who have never danced before to perform and compete in a high pressure environment, she is also three-time former New Zealand Amateur Latin champion. On top of all her dance experience, she is a really lovely human being as well 😊

Take a look at an article on Vanessa and her talented siblings in Metropol from 2019 and stroll down memory lane with Simon and Vanessa's final dance when they won Dancing With The Stars 2015.