Modern Jive competitions are fun! Judges from other dance styles are regularly impressed by the fun and friendly atmostphere.

While we do focus on the fun aspect, a competition is still a major logistical and technological challenge from initial planning and registration through to judging and final publication of results.

A competition can be broken down into three stages:

  1. Setup
  2. On The Day
  3. Results


This stage comprises:


  • Definition of categories
  • Judging criteria for each category
  • Round and heat structure


  • Competition registration system
  • Competitor liaison
  • Seeding of competitors


  • Head Judge and other judge selection
  • Allocation of judges to events
  • Ranking of judges

On The Day

This stage comprises:


  • Registering competitors
  • Filling the first round
  • Communication of heat entries
  • Competitor marshalling
  • Judge marshalling


  • Judging
  • Data entry / scrutineering


  • Ranking
  • Communication of recalls to the next round
  • Processing of results


This stage comprises:

Results & Scores

  • Communication of results
  • Access to scores if applicable
  • Competitor and judge feedback